-What law was Uhuru following when in 2014, he ordered Treasury to pay Sh1.4 billion to non-existent Anglo Leasing companies that he personally investigated and found to be fake as PAC chairman in 2004?

-What law was uhuru following when he ordered 10,000 recruits to report to kiganjo in violation of a court order?

-What law was uhuru following when he destroyed a ship in breach of a standing court order?

  • What law was Uhuru following when he refused to follow a court order awarding teachers a salary hike after he took them to court?

  • What law was uhuru following when he ignored the constitutional requirement on the appointment of judges through the Judicial service commission?

  • What law was uhuru following when he forced through the unconstitutional security laws that were later shot down by the judge?

-What law was the president following when they hired the hustlers jet without following due process?

-What law was Uhuru following when he hounded out of office mumo matemu and Irene Keino from EACC?

-What law was Uhuru following when he deployed the Kenyan military domestically without
parliamentary approval as per the constitution?


Don’t shoot/focus on the messenger, answer the question.



i note it’s copied. i wont answer the questions…


Kama ni majibu unangoja, utangoja sana. Asked similar thign elsewhere. Pussyfooting ikawa profession kwa wengi sana.

This is going to be interesting… @Nattydread & @spear kuna mtu ako na maswali nyeti anataka majibu.

Is all these supposed to validate CORD’s desire to blatantly hound out of office IEBC commissioners in unconstitutional fashion?

Lakini CORD kweli are grand losers, Uhuru has made so many mistakes he does not deserve a second term and instead of going round telling guys how they will do things better and preparing their strongholds to come out in large numbers they are busy beating up the referee, Baba hawezi saidika.


Jibu swali boss. Sasa ku-pussyfoot ya nini?

Another Cordiot.

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None. Sasa kujia risasi. Enda ukikaukaga.




zote Ni upus.

Hapo Weta alichezewa visivyo


Actually none of them are questions but half truths and misinterpretion of the actual facts n events. So I pass.

As seen above, hakuna mtu anaweza kujibu. Ma-side step ndio mingi. Upuss

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hii ni upus gani mnaleta hapa, hii maswali toa hapa na ukafanye homework seree

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i would really love to one day see a Raila presidency. especially now we have devolution

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And I have indicated that I copied it, genius

wish he would vie for Kisumu governor just to see how he would perform in the 5 yrs

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It’s not, I asked a simple question

Buda si wewe peke yako una risasi