What kind of games have you installed on your phone?

Its a slow Friday and as we watch Kibaki’s mass, we cannot help but scan our phones for updates, kuosha mesho etc…
But what do you do when you want to go off internet shit and play some games?
I engage myself by playing any of these games against the computer. I have only 2 games:

  1. Arcade Pool: Probably the most difficult game. You are given only 6 chances to slot over 15-20 balls. Each miss results to a chance deduction. Each score retains the chances. If you slot the white ball you lose two chances. There are 7 stages and each stage has 30 levels. It’s simply addictive. Niko stage 3 level 3 wadau.

  2. Chess: Very mind engaging. To beat the computer in this game, requires extreme concentration.

Lichess, Chess.com and Call of Duty

Hii ni gani?

an open source chess platform. You play online against people and could also play their computer offline.

Tomb raider

None, I prefer playing games on the Ps.

Minecraft PE.

8Ball Pool


Ya kuhesabu mbesha?

Pesa, kunguru na watu wanafaa kufloat River Yala :smiley:

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Snake senzi-a

Nilikua nacheki maniglets wakicheza nashindwa hii ni mashetani gani,so i asked wanionyeshe kuplay and thats how i got hooked hadi nikajikuta nimenunua ya PS

Hizi ndo nacheza kabla alzheimer’s initandike

Al never get addicted to Phone or PS games.
Waste of time.

This game is for those like me with an IQ score of over 140


PUBG. Game swafi sana both on PS and phone


i dont play phone games , nikitaka kucheza games niko na PSVITA at hand

Even monkeys choose specific trees to hang on to, not all trees are suited for them