What is your take on this?

This girl did well. I am proud of her. But i feel it is wrong to

  1. Let her lecture university graduants on the path to success
  2. Let her expose herself to this world that way. Let her be a child and let her grow at her own pace. This will just add pressure to her life she does not need and might not be able to handle.
  3. I may be wrong.
    What is your take?

SV hiyo video inasema nini?

[ATTACH=full]145277[/ATTACH] transcript ndio hiyo

Wanawezaje ruhusu mtoto mjinga atusi elders?

MMUST wako na mchezo. Hapo graduation hadi watu wa PHD wako. It is an insult

Ati I have made it in life, wtf?this girl should be shoved out of our cameras already, she still has a loooong way to go.

Statistically what is the probability of one topping kcpe, kcse and first class honours ??? She has a long way to go mtu alifikiria hivo hako sawa kichwani

Ni pressure ya wanao mpeleka…

They are subjecting this kid to too much unnecessary attention. Let the kid be a kid… We can actually argue that they are exploiting her handicap!!

Huyu mtoto mzazi wake atulie na yeye nyumbani awache hii upus ya media kila time.

Someone should have written her speech on her behalf if that transcript is anything to go by.

She will start form one on a clean slate like all other candidates, new syllabus, new environment, then her mental capacity will be put to test as the years go by. I have seen pupils who failed their kcpe for one reason or another acing their KCSE, we have also all seen guys who passed their kcse then failing in campus, and it is a reality that life begins after campus and we all have had experiences of failures making it in life and vice versa. This zeruzeru (no offense intended) need to sit down huko

Isaac Mwaura anapoteza mtoto wa wenyewe.

Hehehehe…watu wana wivu aje. We see kids giving lectures and speaking at TED talks to evsn more accomplished people. A lot of doors are opening for this young girl and i am very happy for her. Anapaswa akamue hiyo lime light kabisa.

@paparazzi says how he has seen many students that pass kcpe but fail huko mbele but fails to acknoledge that there are many that ace their kcpe, kcse and even the uni

Lakini hiyo speech maze. Ati mtoi wa primary akuje mbele yangu kunipa lecture akisema vile yeye amemek it in life? Na bado hajaona organic chem, biochem, biostatistics na math for biosciences. It is an insult. Ningekuwa naandika speech ingekuwa something like “I look up to you graduants, set a good example, i want you to succeed in life and show us young ones the way. Let us build a successful kenya and shun corruption” kitu kama hiyo. Sio kuambia mtu wa PHD hiyo upuzi.
My ego aside, hii exposure itaumiza huyu mtoto. Pressure mob tu. Yes atapata scholarships etc lakini pressure itamaliza yeye kama hayuko strong enough especially if it goes to her head. Anyone remember Dickens or was it Dickson. Ule kenya one alishindwa engineering ikabidi arudi education

You have failed to acknowledge the “w” in “acknowledge”.

:smiley: :D:Dsio wivu if you find a child on TED talk is because amefanya something that has even amazed adults but this child kile amefanya ni kupata A kcpe which is not that amazing considering every year children get As in kcpe.

“[SIZE=7]A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires[/SIZE].”Paulo Coelho
Until some of you naysayers get children of your own then you will realise how waking up on a crazy monday morning,or not getting what you want or how simple things shouldn’t get your knickers in a twist,is easy to walk it out @grandpa gets it,in a way. hii ndio ubaya ya kuwasha nduthi,that tadpole in that tissue will never see a podium and get to address so called “elders” ni hayo tu

Ni kama mtu anakimbia marathon akifika 10km akuje kupatia watu lecture on how he has succeeded in the race.
The girl is on a good trajectory but she show slow down, she has a long way to go.
PS, what extraordinary thing has she achieved? and don’t talk about acing her KCPE exams

Hii story imefanya watu wa Masinde Muliro kunyamazishwa proper, hawawezi ongea ata mbele ya Form Four drop out