What is your health regimen against COVID 19?

Since it’s implied that eventually about 60% of the population will get COVID 19, it’s only prudent to beef up your immune system for the long haul rather than overfocusing on the intermediary steps like self quarantine since eventually you will have to leave home. Go to supermarket. Use lifts. Go to the pharmacy. Maybe go to work. Go to restraunts. Now if the virus can be airborne for a good 3hrs. Even hand sanitizer isn’t foolproof if you will walk in the streets or any public place.

So here is my regimen for rapid immune system boost. I have cut out all cold drinks and foods. Like ice cream. Which I love. I have cut out all gluten, milk, sugary soft drinks, reduced my sugar intake only low Gylcemic Index and Glycemic load carbs this applies for fruits also . Why? These products give inflammatory response and also lower your alkalinity which makes your body environment conducive for pathogens. I have replaced all meats with vegetables. No meats, processed or otherwise but broths/soups are OK. I take bone soup every morning. I also take fermented porridge to boost my good gut bacteria, if you can’t do this, you can buy OTC probiotics. Especially if you have used antibiotics this year. This affects immunity too. I take Seven Seas Omega 3 capsule a day, it has Vitamin D too. It’s great for the lungs and respiratory tract. I take a supplement for lactating mothers a day with all vitamins and trace minerals in one pill, you can get it at Healthy U at about 3k. It’s better than taking 5 different supplements. This one has the RDA or the recommended daily intake of each vitamin and mineral. Focus on Zinc, Vitamin C&E, selenium.

Exercise cardiovascular to ensure endurance in the lungs. This can improve in just a week even if you have never exercised a day in your life. Keep upping the intensity as your endurance builds. It’s good for the heart and lungs.

Main meals, ensure that everything you put in your mouth is nutrient dense. You can get list of such foods on Google. So first off, I drink warm water with key limes and ginger every morning. I eat 2 oranges daily. I eat a raw vegetable or fruit salad 5 days a week for dinner. Please don’t mix fruits with vegetables and don’t mix different fruits with different acidic levels Google on fruit combinations. I eat wimbi ugali and mboga za kienyeji for lunch 5 days a week on rotation. Sagaa, Managu, kunde, mito, mrenda, on rotation as different mboga have different trace minerals so even though my favorite is mito I force myself to eat different type every day.

Avoid any stress. Stress is worse for your immune system than smoking, drinking and junk food. Take your worries to God in prayer and leave them there. Avoid violent movies and dreadful news especially before bedtime. Avoid listening to music that’s too loud and not calming. Worship music is great for you.Harp music is therapeutic according to research. Classic music is also good. Do pilates to detox and become nimble. I do Pilates Pick Your Spot. It’s about 40 minutes. Very relaxing exercise. And don’t forget warm water with key limes and ginger if available before you brush in the morning to avoid acidic residue on your teeth. 2 liters if you can to flush toxins out of your system.

Try to go to supermarket and restaurants during downtimes to avoid crowded areas. Use stairs instead of lifts. Use gloves if you handle cash.