What is wrong with the woman paying for everything?


@Finest wine share this with your mama friend wa kufinance wanaume. I love this guy too much, this is a very special man, God bless him and increase him. I’ve bookmarked it nikiskia tuu a woman is about to give a man money I forward it to her.

He is still a chimpanzee.

Apana. Huyu amepita ata wazungu. I love this guy so much. Amebadilisha Maisha ya wengi. He’s a world wide figure

Your heart is softening gradually, i like it.

Haven’t you heard how thugs make loving and caring husbands? A tough exterior hides the softest interior and hearts.

Listen to his content it will change your life. I can promise you that.

Sure, i don’t judge a book by just looking at its cover.
Uko Malindi nikuletee madafu?.

Niletee halwa. Downtown.