What is wrong with Ruto?

Can you compare the speeches he gave in Sodom vs the gibberish he spewed in Kakamega?

Is this man completely insane or? How the hell does a lie like Manchester playing in a Kakamega stadium (such a silly example to use), cross his mind and he goes ahead to use it? Yet in Sodom he reserved himself to not embarrass his stupid self?

Hii jamaa was he too eager to impress Sodomizers ama wtf is wrong with this megafuckturd. No stupid analogies peppered his speech, yet Kakamega alicheza kama yeye. Does he think it’s always only the audience in his eye orbit the ones who apply to his spewings?

In sodom he acted according to the room. In Kakamega, likewise. But remember how the Remotask fool had him losing composure because he doesn’t know young boys can earn dolars online? He was a little startled by the thought of making money online (yet it’s a small boy earning peanuts tbh, that’s some corny shit to startle A whole ass president). :rofl:

Conclusion, jambass ni actor, ng’ombe tu. He rehearsed for the USA for months. I remember he almost stammered through some of his words while speech-giving. Proof that it was all rote. Rehearsed.

The crammers Kenya schools produces, this is the end result. We are a long way from prosperity. Jambas has a tiny brain. Crammers have never solved problems. He can’t think of any solution, my bet has always been he thought it will be easy to rule, akakuta he’s just an impostor. He’s growing thin from stress, not disease. Rich men can afford medical care.

Motherfuck jambas


It is necessary to go through some tough choices in order to make good ones in future.