Many of you here are quite young and don’t understand what propaganda is or how it works.

The real masters of propaganda in tge recent age were the Russians under Stalin and Goebbels pale Germany. They are the modern teachers.

The Soviets were so good at spin you couldn’t pin anything on the Soviet govt. Communists are the kings of blame game like I have said here before.

Today when you find yourself blaming CIA sijui U.S those are not your words! You are not the originator. Those words were fed to you very quietly by people who are very smart. Geniuses even.

Geniuses who could overthrow whole govts. overnight without using guns.

That is why you will NEVER find wrong in a communist leader or country. Never. (Including our dear Baba, our local socialist trained in East Germany. He is always safi.)

Even if Stalin murders 10 million Jews you couldn’t pin it on him. They will spin that story until ukubali the Jews killed themselves. They did it to themselves. It was necessary and the Americans stood by and did nothing.

If Mugabe the Socialist fucks up it is never his fault. Never. It is Tony Blair and the Queen.

Fidel Castro was so good hadi it became child’s play. Watu waliskia nje, he starts crying, " You know the Americans they are causing it… they even tried to kill me yet again yesterday!"

Maduro, “The hunger you see here…” :D:D:D

Gaddafi another slippery socialist, yes, I know you fellows don’t know that Gaddafi was indeed a socialist. Gaddafi perfected the art of Soviet propaganda so well that he could start local African conflicts and very cleverly blame it on the West and it sticks! Smooth criminal.

Even Moi couldn’t tell whether Gaddafi was really overthrowing his govt. or not. The less said the better.

One of the tools communists love to use to shed off blame is Whataboutism.

They taught the world how to do it.

Wikipedia take it away :


[li]Language[/li][li]Download PDF[/li][li]Watch[/li][li]Edit[/li][/ul]

Whataboutism, also known as whataboutery, is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent’s position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument.[1][2][3] It is particularly associated with Soviet and Russian propaganda.[4][5][6] When criticisms were leveled at the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the Soviet response would often be “What about…” followed by an event in the Western world.[7][8][9] As Garry Kasparov noted, it is a word that was coined to describe the frequent use of a rhetorical diversion by Soviet apologists and dictators, who would counter charges of their oppression, “massacres, gulags, and forced deportations” by invoking American slavery, racism, lynchings, etc.[10] It has been adopted by other politicians and countries.

British journalist Edward Lucas used the word whataboutism in a blog post of 29 October 2007,[19] reporting as part of a diary about Russia which was printed in 2 November issue of The Economist.[20] “Whataboutism” was the title of an article in The Economist on 31 January 2008, where Lucas wrote: “Soviet propagandists during the cold war were trained in a tactic that their western interlocutors nicknamed ‘whataboutism’”.[7] Zimmer credited Lucas for popularizing the term in 2007–2008.[13] Ivan Tsvetkov, associate professor of International Relations in St Petersburg, dates the practice of whataboutism back to 1950 with the “lynching of blacks” argument, but he also credits Lucas for the recent popularity of the term.[21]

[SIZE=5]Soviet and Russian leaders usageEdit[/SIZE]

Main article: And you are lynching Negroes
Journalist Luke Harding described Russian whataboutism as “practically a national ideology”.[22] Journalist Julia Ioffe wrote that “Anyone who has ever studied the Soviet Union” was aware of the technique, citing the Soviet rejoinder to criticism, And you are lynching Negroes, as a “classic” example of the tactic.[23] Writing for Bloomberg News, Leonid Bershidsky called whataboutism a “Russian tradition”,[24] while The New Yorker described the technique as “a strategy of false moral equivalences”.[25] Ioffe called whataboutism a “sacred Russian tactic”,[26][27] and compared it to accusing the pot of calling the kettle black.[28]

Niaje @patricia wanjiru nakuona hapo umesmile yako yote ukipiga picha

And many of you on this website find yourselves posting news from RT news, Putin’s mouth piece simply because they provide very sweet and juicy and logical propaganda.

Easy news for a bonobo to consume and digest and flap his gums afterwards.

They don’t use big words or in depth analysis.

They just place it there on the table for the bonobo to consume.

“Pssssssst bonobo… Venezuela has X amount of oil valued at Y trillions of dollars. Yes that’s what they want!”

BONOBO ON KTALK : Guys I have just seen this documentary on Tv and these Americans my goodness, the sheer greed…

Ng’ombe hii nilikuomba mkia na badala uniambie kama wanipea ama nitembee uko hapa na kiherehere yako.
Should I take my love elsewhere Patricia?

Hii thread imekuuma kwa nini ama huamini Kenya kuna TV na internet najua ukitoka enzi ya Moi hizo vitu zilikuwa luxury.

And of course the narrative goes that communist countries are so internally wealthy they never need external anything.

Ati Russia has so much oil, they can’t possibly need any from outside… :D:D:D

Same for China. Na tunajua hata mashamba hawana hao wachinku. Wali pollute zao zote.

You cannot find any journalistic piece that criticizes a communist state. There are never problems or issues in those countries. Is that normal?

Of course such issues don’t matter to a bonobo. China is very successful. No one sleeps hungry there.

I heard Morty Matumbo once saying very confidently, “There are no beggars in China! I mean but have you seen any? You can’t see them so they don’t exist. Everyone has been uprooted from poverty in China and Russia!”


Pelekea mamako asome hii ujinga

We know that the biggest spinmasters to ever grace the position is the one and only Uncle Sam.

Stale, old and boring insults from last year. Trolling is an art jifunze how to do it kwanza before flapping your gums.

People will shed blood for America no matter how unforthcoming the siruation is.

Uncle Sam can’t spin propaganda. He has an independent media.

For you to sell propaganda sufficiently the state has to first control the media very tightly.

That is why the U.S always loses in propaganda. Today CNN is cheering China just to spite Trump.

If Trump tries to sell any propaganda CNN quickly counters him to make him look like a fool. And CNN and friends are protected by katiba.

In Russia or China you would be mad to dare go against the dictator and his narrative or image.

You remember the operations you shared recently Northwoods and the other one. Northwoods was cancelled but still the U.S media made sure that every citizen was aware of this plan that was mooted then thwarted.

Now in Russia who would dare expose the Russian Northwoods?

So in your bonobo mind Russia remains this innocent kitten because you have never heard of anything bad about Russia. And they make sure nothing comes out. And they spin everything and blame it on those guys.

And then they turn around and quietly whisper… “Pssssst Tom check out this American guns that Isis is using. What do you think about these American guns?”

Tom anashika moto.

TOM ON KTALK: Guys you won’t believe who is arming ISIS. I mean this thing is crazy…

@KamauLM habari

Poa sana naona umekuwa village sponsor, Congrats.

Asante sana

Hahaha your one ngumi and it’s back to hiding :smiley:

Good, you are getting a citizenship. Makofi kwako

Kumbe unakuwaga just another emotional, Ktalk, Team China Team Russia lover who get’s easily pissed off in discourses?

Sawa tembea. Na uweke ignore mapema. I know your type.

Najua mkifika this point in your emotional tantrums huwa mnaanza, “Please don’t tag me again, Patco you usually make me emotional, my vagina starts bleeding when you mention Russia in bad light… patco I do not like engaging you because my heart starts bleeding…”

Na hakuna mtu aliku tag umejileta mwenyewe.

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