What is this now?

Mukamba wekaa atia vaaa.Waninaa Shinny eye piu piu

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Lorry mpya,loan bado isha kulipwa


Stress sasa,I hope it was well insured


mnacomplain of drought lakini bado mnataka kukata miti what do humans want

Sasa tuchome lorry za makaa.Ebu tingisha kichwa kidogo kiyana

i watched the video where she was talking to the residents (in kao) about charcoal and i have to admit that her message was wrong, was actually appalled with what she said, she might have had good intentions but her wordings were completely irresponsible and out of line

anyway, what do i know?

charcoal trade in that county is illeagal and because policeare doing nothing but to take bribes residents wakaamua they won’t sit and watch

Wacha katambe. Hio noogle inatukana Ngilu ifirwe. Ngilu is the most courageous woman across the country and in Kenya’s history.

Ata mi ningekuwa hapo, wallahi I would volunteer ninunue kiberiti. Kikuyu ni we…

Unauza coomer pesa ngapi nikupromote…you sound like uko pinkies in you kaptura

Kawaida tu, bei ya Madharau Street Mlolongo - 100 bob every time you kumwaga

Kwanza alikataa tuchote mchanga kwake. The bitch alishikisha magari za wakikuyu na akasema ati za wakamba zitoke stenje. When the kambas heard wakasema hapana, hawatoki kama zingine zimeshikwa. For once i loved the positive side of kenyan diversity . However am still unimpressed as to how we elect such kind of leaders. Its a damn shame. Fuck that bitch.

She must take responsibility.

Is this the Kenya we signed up for? Juzi juzi kule Kericho others were foaming in the mouths because their matatus had been stoned in Kisumu.

Kenya shall never be the same again. The more we try to integrate, the further we disintegrate.

i hate politics and politicians, how do you tell people ( direct translation…) , "if you see them burn them, and if anyone asks, report to me… lets kill them before they kill us. "

that last part got me worried :mad::mad::mad:

cure the source of the problem first, why are the residents burning charcoal in the first place? it would more effective if she cut the supply, then the buyers would automatically disappear

If we had working systems, inciters would be stripped off their positions the next day, assets seized and imprisoned without a hearing. Ndio iwe funzo. People will think twice before opening their mouths to incite violence akijua what awaits them.

when the shoe will start pinching your foot there will be no one to rescue you.

When a country disintegrates and shit hits the ceiling its the poor and bottom in the society who suffer.

Wenye kuchoma makaa si ni constituents wake? This is treating the symptoms while ignoring the malady!

Think guys. Hii precedence was expected. The seeds of discord were planted long ago. Shiny eyed people get what they deserve. Hakuna huruma. Ngilu ako wira

Yup we never learn