what is the weirdest food item you have ever tasted

For me, it has to be ‘Baked Tomato’. I found out the hard way, we were at a seminar, then came dinner time and there was a buffet, self service pia. Na hiyo baked tomatoes ndo ilikua item ya kwanza, they were looking very inviting, kama kawa I grabbed karibu half plate, not much space for anything else. Sasa to the eating part, my taste buds could not fathom what they were being assaulted with… Those things were nasty! I wonder if the person who made them ever tasted them?
I had to abandon my meal and go for a second helping. From that day onwards, I try to avoid those fancy named foods and salads. Pia kuna hizo tu olives sijui in whatever oil, bure kabisa.

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Njahi na mukimo siwes jaribu tena

Mokimo gani??? Azin which type… Njahi I learnt is good for men, esp for increasing ‘bedroom’ strength.

Iced tea.

Crocodile meat…

Who taught you?

Some fried liver made Egyptian style, the flavour was a bit overwhelming but after a few bites you appreciate the taste.

I listened in on some elders discussing bedroom issues…traditional ones btw

I’m not nosy normally hehe.

Chapati muguka…

:D:D:Dwe we ni jinga tu afande.

Somewhere in Italy, I ate squid bila kujua.

Pomegranate juice nilitupa box yote after 1 sip.

Makende ya mbuzi.
Back when I was younger there used to be a kamzee relative who insisted on roasting them everytime we slaughtered a goat and made sure every young male present took a bite.

Oysters…Ile makamasi ilimwaga wacha tu…



self cannibalism is real. sick world out there.

there is a you tube channel called catch clean and cook. guy makes you believe everything in this world can be eaten. and he shows you how.

Bull’s Balls @carni takes the cake, nilikula sushi expected it to be weird but was quite pleasant.

@Nefertities kuja tupike butternut chapos…