What Is The Total Cost Of These 4 Tools? Who Funds These Guys

Especially hiyo European Machine Gun Middle Right

Kagame wants to annex north kivu to rwanda. NB North kivu province is larger than rwanda.


Two weeks ago, Rwandan President Paul Kagame gave his historical take on the border that separates Rwanda from Congo, prompted by the resurgent M23 rebellion. “The borders that were drawn during colonial times had our countries divided,” he said. “A big part of Rwanda was left outside, in eastern Congo, in southwestern Uganda and so forth and so forth. You have populations in these parts of other countries who have a Rwandese background. But they are not Rwandans, they are citizens of those countries that have absorbed those parts of Rwanda in the colonial times. So this is a fact. It is a fact of history…And these people have been denied their rights.”

arms industry is bigger than drugs and medicine… the human ape will never run out of excuses to kill

I have heard similar talk from putin when asked about the war in Ukraine