what is the science behind this Helicopter ? ? ? ?


[SIZE=7]camera shutter speed matches helicopter`s rotor, what happens when the speed of the shutter is less or great[/SIZE]

hmmm ! ! ! ! here is the logic, check the replies on this reply.

Nikhil Yadav
4 months ago
So a frame is being captured everytime the blades rotate once to return to its initial position ?

this guy simplify it.

Franco Miranda2 months ago
Pretty much. Imagine taking a picture of a clock every 12 hours, it would appear to be staying the same. But it would also look the same if you took a picture every 24,36,48, etc hours. This is essentially the same except the blade might be rotating 400 times per second, and the camera may be taking a picture 400, 200,100,50,40,etc times per second

High shutter speed freezes the motion. Am talking as certified photographer.

Makes alota senseā€¦

this is always evident in most rotor aircraft. the blade will seem to be rotating slowly, travelling backwards and forwards, or simply at a stand still. its some of those things photography has always found very difficult to solve. if you film LED lights they seem to blink in the film and filming an LCD screen sometimes results in a crooked image because of the interaction between the frame rate and the frequency of the light.