What is the problem with black mermaid?

Remember when you were growing up all cartoons and children’s movies and toys were white. I only remember fat Albert as a cartoon with blacks. I mean even comics had white folk, obelix Asterix, tintin and his dog snowy, Richy rich, bully beef and chips It didn’t bother us one bit because we also watched Roots, Sanford and sons, the fresh prince of Belair, the Cosbies, the Jeffersons, 227, living single and other black comedies.

Why weren’t white people saying that black folk were discriminating against them and insisting that they must be in black only sitcoms? Africans should stop being petty and make their own cartoons. We are tired of these unnecessary race wars about a mermaid being black. Mermaids pale. Make your own characters and we move on. Of course junguus will not take it well when black people are trying to hijack their characters. They will take offense and retaliate.

Everyone knows Knee Garrs can’t swim