What is the name of that weired UG song ? ?

That starts with musician shooting a guy sitting a on a chair ?

Who is the Artist ?


I think you might mean this;




Ati UG wewe ni fala :D:D

It was reproduced a million times. Souzafrica, have their version, Kenya also, Nigeria, etc.

Here’s our version…

Oops! Not the one!
I meant this one…

This Nigeria…


I hadn’t seen this video before. Was told to look up that song and that is the info I was given.

Wewe ni Ngombe ya museveni… First song is American umesema ya UG
second impostumepost section ya news and politics… How did you become village elder???

Might it be this one posted in the wrong thread by @Hunter Xp ?

Dr.Kanyuria pia wewe uko huku?