What is the most valuable thing that is under 1k?

Tell me elders. I’ll buy it right now. No lanyes pls

Bangi,miraa plus konyagi quarter

It needs to be something that’s not temporary relief. Something that’ll last. That’s why it’s valuable

Maybe a quality blanket? You’ll sleep well every night for at least a year or two


Kusoma Nyota yako Kwa pst Ezekiel ni 1k, panda mbegu.

I like this one. Keeps you safe


Nunua trouser ya tizi. Nilibuy moja 900 bob kwa mtumba and it is comfortable AF.

Kuma ya 150


Nunulia your parents kama wako gichagi
Some quality maize seeds kutoka murimi agrovets or any reputable retailers,watavuna mahindi gunia nne waskume nayo miaka Moja ama mbili.

Send it to the office guard, buy his loyalty.

Or if you have someone who helps you considerably, a delivery guy probably.

A good cologne. Jaibu kitu kama Rasasi 100ml.

Mosquitoe net

No any other disease has killed millions other than Malaria.

Then penicillin.

The most valuable thing pharmacy bought for less than 1k

Utalamba huyo msenge matako ? We can’t predict what you can do with your dirty mouth kijana wa dandora

Salt. 20 Kenya shillings.

Cologne nayo kila mtu ligi yake. Kuna weye wameswear they cant use anything that costs less than 20k, designer stuff. Kuna wale wa 10k.

People playing themselves, i can never buy a cologne more than 6k personally. Hizo Tom Ford ya 40k tumeachia Pastor Ezekiel

I hate designers for the sole reason that people think its the creme de la creme of scents. Really so many people rock them making them as common as rocks. Id rather kitu ya 4k long lasting and unique.