What is the meaning of this?

Why the number plate of the president’s car inverted for what probable reason. From my side, this some kind of subliminal messaging.

Belly up. You bonobos are finished, kaput & washenzi kabisa

Kuna thread ingine… tafuta utapata answer.

Unajua ile song ya Diamond na Fally Ipupa?

That is the message he is sending, inama na upinde mgongo.

Kunguru ya news ndio imefika leo na hii news

Why is “ambulance” written like this…?

Ambulance’ is written backwards on the front of the vehicles so that drivers ahead can easily read the word from their rear view mirrors, especially in case of an emergency.

Purplste niaje?

but notice theplate is upside down not mirrored it’s not KCM but KCW

We huwesmek.

konyagi priorities for kenyans are upside down

Poa. You?

The ambulance thing is so as when behind you your rear mirror reads correctly. Hiyo ya changaa 1 ni upuss tupu (the peron that fixed it screwed up big time upside down! he had one job) Seriously ikiwa boss anakunywa hadi black out your subordinates will drink * 2.

Nilikuambia wewe ni kamenyi. You know everything. You have explained something that’s clearly not the case . Lakini si unataka kuonekana mwerevu unajua? Number imewekwa upside down bana.

:D:D:D hapa enyewe umepata bonobos. I am one of them lakini hii, I am not boarding!

I thought this debate ended on Monday.
It was a mistake, nothing deliberate.

those songs are for form two girls didnt expect that from you mono boringo

I just actually noticed the letters have identical tops to bottoms. Except the 6 and M which can be changed to 9 and W depending on perspective. But the K the C the 8 and the O. The top Is the same as the bottom. While the rest form a different number or letter

Hapa umenichanua

I thought there was some numerology behind it but if you take the bottom right corner and move it anti clockwise mpaka it’s top left the plate is kcw 980 H

But it’s still weird the choice of symbols