What is the lady trying to say? Asking for a friend

Here’s how I see it. The guy should tell the lady unequivocally that he wants her. No 'if’s or 'but’s. Not over phone or text. Face to face. Akikataa atafute mwingine. Also that guy types like a coward.

Ukiaga nenda. Kua na msimamo.

Unaaga mara mia mia? Ataona hujiamini.

Hahahaha that guy is bottom of the barrel simp. I know because I was there too. Tell a woman face to face that you like her. Hizi texts ni za teens. Akikataa jipe shughuli and move to the next. Usishinde kuambia dem kutext dem Hey hey ni kama unapea farasi chakula.

Itisha pedi blunts mbili. Nitagharamia bill yako ya kuririma.

Very true. They try to out do each other. Hapa unakuwa mjanja and take advantage. Wakubaki atabaki na wewe ukiendanga karura forest to strategize your next move

Keep it short when texting bitches, this guy is a SIMP. he is pushing the conversation too long. Then moment he told the chic he is unwell that is enough. Hizi ni vitu unamshow mkiwa kwako ama date if you want to take it further. Labda hata hajapewa mali alafu unaita mtu wifey. Cunt relate.

The only lyrics I know is kwa nini tulipe Nyumba mbili…hiyo ingine ni upusu

its okay if the guy is in mid 20s but a catastrophe if he in late 30s

That was a boring conversation

You will be judged by the std you set. Calling someone wifey just to get slices is an overkill and can not be taken lightly. Lesson i have learnt is that do not set high stds or act desperate for she will take advantage. You show a woman you want to marry her and you are holier church goer guy, she will respond accordingly i.e. she will act holier (no slicess) and she will expect you to treat her as a wife (cater for all expenses). Guy you have laid down the wrong foundation!

wacheni ni lale mimi nipumzishe mwili, this world has problems that will never end

What is the guy trying to say? Kwa nini anaita bibi ya wenyewe wifey?

She has said there are a few things you have to do before you call her wifey. Those things are expensive, un ending and with minimal Return on Investment.

Msee alisema anaenda kulala 7pm lakini juu ya a simple pussy between fat ugly thighs, atalala 3am na headache yake. Stupid man.

I fuck them well without defining what i want and it’s them who come asking, ‘can i be your galfriend jymo?’, ‘can i be your MWK?’, ‘can you marry me jymo? (i already have a wife stupid woman)’.

Fuck fuck fuck her the more and let her be the one to seek for a relationship and work for it … don’t be the one to beg and nag her to be your wife girlfriend mwk or even a fuckbuddy