What is the lady trying to say? Asking for a friend

Is there hope for the guy? Anaweza penya na the lady [ATTACH=full]337696[/ATTACH]

Huyu ashaingia box. The guy just gotta push a little bit more. And aongeze some bit of aggressiveness so that he doesn’t come off as a pussy nigga. The last statement ahould be executed in a very clever manner.

Hakuna hope, atakuombea uwache bhangi

Why do I have no patience for such talk. The moment i call you wifey I expect you to understand very clearly what i mean. You may even move in if you wish.
But that’s the type of woman i like kila mtu hukuwa na type yake.

I can’t trust anyone who uses the word “surmount” in a regular conversation.

Ametumia wapi? Nimerudi kutafta sijaona.

Ubaya ya kusumbuana na dem ivi ni kwamba when she eventually gives in, a week is all it takes for you to lose interest


From what i can see, the girl isn’t really feeling him.
Alafu tell this faggit he needs to stop writing those long ass paragraphs.

Check screenshot at 22:48

Ooh anajaribu kuimpress kunguru na lugha

What is simping low key?

Texting is only for logistics.

Never ever proclaim your love via text. Call bwana.

Always leave a room for unpredictability.

Seems to me the lady hata hajui what’s about to happen,yani ako tu hivo,kijana naye anang’ang’ana na haoni hata…

Huyu anasema ashambuliwe asubuhi kwa bushes on the way to church. It’s code

Caren Friend :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Yaani jamaa ashajua ako friend zone tayari :smiley:

Clearly you and your friend don’t know women will give mixed signals to hit you where it hurts before you realize… anyway once you surmount…leta hekaya


Ever wondered why it is easier to add a fourth girlfriend than a first mpango?? Because at that point you don’t care about her response. That don’t care attitude gets ladies turned on. Mwambie mpatane place X for nyama choma and imply that you expect sex soon. In my years as a fisi I have concluded that women like men that other women want. It is 100 times easier to get a third sidechick than a first one. In my experience, if a woman knows that you have other side chics, hamtasumbuana. She will join that list with minimal resistance because that’s how their brains work.

men avoid unnecessary emojis bana. Kuna a kale woman was trying kuingiza box akaanza kucheza hard to get hivi. I lost interest haraka sana. Jana she saw me with some chic walking around and she texted me some passive aggressive text message nikacheka tu. I pursued her for three weeks and she was playing around like a teenager. Nobody has time for that

beta male shit .Cant relate