What is the best shipping company for Amazon products who only sell to the US?

Also what is the experience with buying and shipping online? Any advice and tips? Any recommendations for a first timer and what to look out for in the whole process of ?

I have used Kentex cargo over the years and collectively, I have shipped items worth over 4 million Ksh.

Thanks. For example, can I buy an item that is not shipping to Kenya and they deliver to me?

Get this, when amazon says item cannot be shipped to kenya, they are assuming you are to use their shipping service. Since you are not shipping with them, that should not bother you. When you use kentex cargo, they will create you an address or they will buy for you to their office in US and then go ahead with shipping. They are currently having an offer dubbed Black November for sea shipping. Niliboeka na wao juzi though coz kuna item hapa kenya nitapata brand new na 48K but when I tried import from amazon with them, it shoots to 52K

USD rates zao ziko juu saidi

Once you have your own address jinunulie na your own mastercard. pl;us this way you can avoid their service fee and insurance cover charges. Then item ikifika tell them their invoice cost is too high from your projectections. Hii stuff ya volumetric weight huniudhi sana

Hata niliwachana na wao. If I won’t save more than 5K for such an item, I would rather just pick it local (if available). So for this I expect a maximum of 43K coz local ni 48K

Kentex are low key thugs. For a small package they charged me $15 as advertised but added freight insurance of $44… Total $59. Added substantially to my purchase cost. Never using them again