What is Kenya waiting for?

And when is Kenya planning their withdrawal. What exactly is the pointless point of continuing to remain in Somalia when the gvt there is the rudest ever. We should also vacate and leave them to collapse waendelee kujitawala from some hotel in Nairobi. We can keep alshabaab out of Kenya without having to support an unwilling government. Both of these things can be true and exist at the same time.

And then their fights will spill over to Kenya if we withdraw.

I don’t agree…line up our troops from Lamu to Mandera.None of those criminals will dare step foot here.For those in the country already lets have a death squad run by dci.In a few short weeks problem will be solved

So whats the difference then. Line them(our troops) up at the border, or inside their territory?

On our side of the border.And ofcz close daadab

And they should lso kick out these ungrateful idiots to go run their country from zomalishit

Eeh isn’t the whole concept of insurgency about not operating from one place? Mpeketoni, Westgate, Garissa university, DusitD2 attacks all happened right here in Kenya. They can still coordinate operations here from across the border.

We will withdraw when US and UK tell us to

Kenya should just copy Israel and build a massive wall, let them finish each other inside.

You guys are dumb. What we need is more cooperation not less. There’s nothing to gain from severing ties with either Somalia or Somalis.

somalia is like that ugly bitch you say hi to after imbibing 3 jugs of keg,and she goes heywire warning all other beautiful girls you are her boyfriend they should keep off.

when you are sober you cant remember,she creates drama after drama…150 new messages,23 missed video calls,200 whatsapp messages etc.


Kenya will put out when Amisom pulls out. This is the power vacuum Alshabab is waiting for. The SNA can then fight its own battles.

Having spies deep inside Somalia is beneficial to Kenya where we can still coordinate cross border attacks using naval assets instead of crossing the border.

[SIZE=7]refugees wa somalia warudi kwao…they are ungrateful[/SIZE]

They will cross through Ethiopia

Kenya is waiting for military aid from the West to steal for its corrupt elite.
The best thieves in uniform consequently get promoted to high ranking civil service positions.

Asymmetrical warfare requires a solid strategy and caution at every turn. Even the mighty US couldn’t beat the Taliban and had to go to the negotiating table to avoid a humiliating stalemate.