What is in a voice?

I have recently discovered my weird liking to girls who have that sexy sort of roughness to their voice and laugh. Example is that chiq from Quantico…

I tried to think about it and figure what I like most about that kind of voice. For some reason, when girls with such voices laugh it sounds more genuine same as when they cry. They tend to be emotional (but not in excess) and sensitive and playful too. Qualities that I find very attractive in a girl.

Sijui kama ni mimi tu niko na hii shida…:D:D:D

Niko na voice kama hiyo , unataka aje? Hehehe

Madem huwa na sauti kama hio either ni walevi kupindukia ama walikuwa walevi wakiwa teens…na wengi wao uvuta fegi na boza

Sauti mbovu. Sounds like a pornstar, inaweza fanya nisimchukulie serious.

so you also love Toni Braxton?

record utuwekee hapa prizz

:D:D:D:D Ni kitambo niskie jina boza

i see you are learning the ropes very fast from @Female Perspective

Nikituma nitataka 400,000 ksh. Nianzishe ushosholite Wa voice , break the monotony of booty shosholites


Uongo! There is a biological explanation. Google

huyo Shine eye analeta inflation kwa hii maneno

No my intention is to be taken out on a date then call Mr.4th katikati ya date …

Do u drink alcohol or smoke or have u ever ? tuanzie apo

Hehehe hii ni bei cheap sana. Kwanza unajua most of us with such voices can sing so akitaka mpaka lullabies ataimbiwa

No . In fact I have never been a partaker of either

Heheh…how good are you at swallowing my deer…

You mean swallowing the fish fingers you are going to buy me?

that’s a very high cost to maintain a deprecated asset

Originality muhimu madam. Stick to being morality police officer. Trying to be Female Perspective and Nefertities at once does not suit you.

Excuse me?:mad: