What is happening to relationships in the 254

Today alone I have seen a headline of a cop who shot his gf nineteen times then committed suicide, a woman who stabbed her husband to death and now a Migori man who hacked his wife to death then committed suicide. Kwani how hard is it to just leave someone and just move on with your life why must you kill them and kill yourself. Is this really necessary? People get a grip. How do you just end your life because of somebody? Life is too sweet bana. If you want to die, die for a serious cause like saving someone’s life but not because of betrayal or whatever these people killed did.

We have not killed nor will kill our spouses hence we cant explain now.

How old are you? 65?
Cunt relate

people getting into relationships for all the wrong reasons.
the most common of all reasons is money pesa ikiisha most ladies hubadilika, bibi akipata well paying job than hubby ana anza kumtreat kama room mate.
Pia men,some are also lazy wakipoteza job na bibi ako na pesa they opt to stay at home n let the wife provide. wengine hulazimisha bibi akae kwa nyumba awe house wife juu ati anaogopa mafisi he will provide,most regret that decision later n blame the wife, eventually mama gets depressed venye alikuwa ana glow na kuvaa anaturn anakaa mama mboga,the same niccer loses taste n starts cheating u know what happens later…

when dating utmost respect is displayed but that aint you the real you comes out when you start getting bored kadame pia kanachoka
na tumadharau ndogo ndogo…

most women respect their men but there some who will test your boundaries to see how you will react for instance watakutusi, ukignore they push the boundary further wanatusi your mum, wakiona bado umeshikilia wanakutusi na generation yako yote wakiona hivyo they start cheating on you na si ati hauifeel but izo instances umeziweka kando for now …zikilipuka shetani na demons zake wanatake over your body after wamalize unaona hii hautasurvive unajitoa pia

relationship these days aint about love but mutual interest, sadly these interests arent guaranteed in the long run.

Love manenos. Avoid falling over hills in love with a woman. Kubali anaeza tobwa once in a while and be ready for kutobwa chake. Penda mwananke vi moderately and penda more than one ndio incase ya ujinga jinga unaendea slices mahali ingine
Its an abomination to kill another because of another

Dont turn this into a woman promiscuity issue because also women are killing men. What I can not understand is mtu anakuanga amekufika ama amekufikisha wapi so that you cant imagine life without that person. Theres seven billion humans on planet earth. Why do you think your life and hapiness can only be found in that one person you kill before killing yourself. I think the issue is that people are so frustrated in other areas of life that the only one source of joy in life is that spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend so once that person betrays or disappoints them they see it as the end of life.

Lemme give an example, a female student at Masinde Muliro befriended a boda guy whose fancy she had caught he was so enamoured with her he sold his ancestral land to fund her studies, ofcourse once she was done with school she dumped him, the guy killed her then himself. Same to the girl from KU who was killed. Now lets say, as has happened to numerous people including myself, you put alot of money in these get rich quick schemes and the money is lost, say you sell your only asset, your ancestral land then you invest and lose the money, will you kill yourself and the person in the office of the pyramid? Si you will be annoyed for some time then you will rationalise it away, saying if say I had a disease or my loved one I would spend that money and be very ok with losing that money to treat myself or my loved or if I was robbed.

@Georgie Makena matters of the heart ni fyam … if you know you know.

I was told to marry a woman that loves me more than I love her. Also not to love 100%. Love her 45% hio ingine jiwekee. Also learn to view sex as an activity. Anaweza nyanduliwa na ninja huko nje. Sex ni ile moja umefanya with multiple ladies. Jamaa atamwaga na aende. Hatawacha deek hapo ndani. Hii kujam hadi unaua sijawai elewa. When my woman is moving up and down in the house I imagine her with another man and I don’t get angry.

Personally, I dont understand loving 10% or 100%, from my personal experience, I have related out of convenience. Where the person is madly in love with me and they pester me and I enter a relationship with them not because they mean much to me but because they insisted and after some time of assessing them I see some convenience they can accord me by virtue of me giving in to their pursuit for a relationship. The feelings dont change one way or the other, I may become fond of them but I will never fall in love with them even after 20 years. Then there are people I fall in love with at first sight and those people can do no evil in my eyes, however I am also very cognizant of the fact that I am infatuated with them so I dont assess their viability as a long term partner based on how I feel about them. Infact, I am very critical of them and have very high expectations of them. When they fail to meet those expectations then I accept that I am madly in love with you but you arenot good for me. So in time these being emotional feelings wane, however even after I leave the relationship, these people I fell in love with at first sight , I still idolise them somehow, though for my own good I will have no qualms leaving them. I love them from a distance, in the memory of the magical feelings they could elicit from me. As in I differentiate between how I feel and the reality of who they are and to me both are valid even when theyre contradictory. I think the high expectations I place on them is a way to protect myself from becoming enslaved by infatuation to a person who isnt good for me. I walk away and switch off very fast when I am madly in love with someone and they disappoint me. But then again, no evil they can do can change the fact that something spectacular about them made me love them before even getting to know them. I cherish the feelings they elicited in me that not many people can. I think in my entire lifetime its only two people who are in this category. I am drawn to certain physical traits so I can be attracted to those physical features but then for that attraction to turn into my being madly in love with you , you must be a very smart person, or extremely interesting in an area I have no experience in, for example you are very skilled or conversant with something I am clueless about but find interesting like for example you are an artist, or a doctor or you are very handy. If you meet every single physical trait I desire but you are a blonde then the level of attraction becomes very superficial. And sooner than later even that superficial attraction will taper off. I think growing up in a marriage that was not peaceful, I became cynical about love matters. I rationalised that if people who love each other enough to share their lives and posterity can be so much loggerheads helped me understand that feelings and reality of loving somebody are two very different things. You can have a happier marriage with somebody you dont love if the logical issues, personality compatibility are aligned. And you can be very miserable with somebody you love to pieces because the more in love you are with somebody the more the disappointments hurt you. So you need to accept that this is a human being who has this and the other shortcomings dont go into magical thinking that theyre your ideal partner when there is clear evidence to the contrary. Accept whats wrong with them and take steps to protect yourself from being harmed by those shortcomings, for example if your spouse is very promiscuous, you can insist on condoms to protect yourself or get separate beds or rooms. Dont say that if he loves me he will stop sleeping around. Be realistic. People change when theyre good and ready to change they dont change because they love someone.

Masaibu ya watoto wa single mother na beta male “Father’s”, can’t handle stress and bullshit like an adult

Yaani wewe ni mwoman?


hell no mimi nilioa bibi ananipenda