What is happening in Myanmar?

what you posted is a partisan account, unless you are an expert in burma history. You did not even acknowledge the source

Kwani Rohingyas are the Luos of Myanmar?

Abolishing all religions will end most wars on earth.

She was playing innocence when she was under house arrest, we have similar people in our country

My fellow village mates, as you discuss events happening miles away please remember that if we do not learn to tolerate one another and tell off irresponsible politicians then other citizens in far flung countries will be discussing us on their ‘k-talk’ like forums in similar terms. Ni hayo tu

I happen to be an expert in BUDDHIST history. As one of the first Buddhist Kiongdoms, Rakhine’s History is well preserved and well known throughout Asia .That is why Rohinjya’s claim that they are native to Rakhine is pure Hogwash!! The first instance of Bengalis entering Rakhine is in 1404 when neighbouring Bangladesh was converted into Islam and the jihads into the Buddhist Kingdom of Rakhine started(P.S. The kingdom of Rakhine had existed for nearly 1000 years by then) . Even then , the Bengalis were eventually removed and expelled and Rakhine remained purely Arkhanese until the mass migrations that took place under British rule
The Rohinjyas are Bengalis.They speak Bengali of the Chitagoang accent.Which means they are from the Chitaggong region of Bangladesh!!
The Rakhine/Arakanese are East Asian and their history is well documented.I did mention that even the Rakhine/Arakanese have no interest in being in Burma because Rakhine existed long before the ethnic Burmese built their first Kingdom.Rakhine only found itself in the state of Burma because of the British. The Rakhine have their own seperatist movement which opposes both the Burmese Junta as well as the Rohinjya
In short, the Rakhine want neither the Burmese nor the Rohinjya in their state because they see the Burmese as a British imposition but share the Burmese sentiment that the Rohinjya are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and are not native to Rakhine or Burma at large.

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You seem to have a problem in differentiating the Rohinjya, the Rakhine/Arakhan and the Burmese.
They are all very different entities.

Genocide has been going on in Burma for the past couple of years, it’s not highlighted in the news because it doesn’t fit the narrative the media is trying to push, it’s Muslims getting killed not human beings…

It is not being highlighted, because, like in many places throughout the world, it is the Muslims who started it. Nobody has sympathy for the Rohinjya or the Muslims in the Central Africa Republic because basically, they brought it on themselves.
However, please separate the current round of violence from the 2013 to last year. That was between the Arakanese and the Rohinjya. The current round of violence is between the Rohinjya and the Burmese millitary.


You should be asking why instead of playing the victim card? You can’t mention the ARSA terrorist group that attacked police posts in the region, kidnapped, and killed native Rakhine people. While i sympathise with the Rohingyas and condemn the brutal force meted out on them by the military, present facts before arguing about a situation you know nothing about.

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Cessation manenos.

My friends, this persecution of the Muslim minority has been going on for the past 500 years, I do know what I’m talking about. I did a post on the same around 2011 on Klist.

The Bengalis who had conquered Rakhine in 1404 were expelled a couple of decades later. The Rohinjya (Remember the Rohinjya are Bengalis from Chittagong, the Bengali invaders of 1404 were from Central Bangladesh, Dhaka)were not there 500 years ago. They were not even there in 1746 when the Burmese conquered Arakan/Rakhine. They went to Arakan/Rakhine in the British era.
What are you talking about?

@mayekeke confirm hiyo maneno hapo juu

Plus when you talk about religious persecution, muslims take the lead. From armenian, greek, and assyrian genocide committed by ottomans to the subjugation of the ‘people of the book’ who were required to pay jizya to maintain their non-muslim status.

Damn, what the hell are you guys talking about?

Heard of the Byat brothers that were executed by King Mon for their religion in the 11th century? In the 16th century King Bayinnaung banned Eid Ul Adha, evidence that Muslims lived in Burma earlier than the dates you quoted. I stand to be corrected though…

Afande leo uko active…ama unair title ipate atiention

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I watched this a few days back. They even have a dedicatd police unit for the Rohingya Muslims.