What is happening here?

Anyway these are the kind of mwomen with very tight pussi. The cover the face, fire the base … forget the case type.



Huyu anakaa mtoto wa shule buda

But second pic nikama anapiga kwa bedsitter yake so can’t be mtoto wa shule

I think I’ve just committed a crime by seeing this.

Seriously ? :confused:

Seriously man… That’s your reasoning!! How sure are you that the bedsitter doesn’t belong to the peado that’s taking these pics??

Wololo @Panyaste unaeza fanya kijiji mzima ibebwe hadi kodiaga max.:D:D:D:D

On the other hand I’m sure you are trying to bait @TrumanCapote .

Boss, is a noo. Mtoto huyu ama ni mimi nimelewa

Toa hii picha bwana

Huyu si mtoto.

@Panyaste You paedophilic idiot, toa hii.

Atoe kwa nini? This is an adult

Huyu ni mtu ako colle, tuliona kitaaaambo kule telegram kwa captain frisk.

If she is I take back my words

Thank u … show hawa mafala.

Hapo sasa.

@Panyaste bana, uyo ni rika ya msichana yangu

This is a school girl

Go thru the replies…mmeambiwa she is a college student.

Huyo sio mtoto