What is going on today there's a tape of a couple doing very nasty stuff and they have a kid

Guys why should you record your spouse having conjugal? Hii tabia mulitoa wapi Kenyans? Yaani how will this boy survive after seeing his parents wakifanya very filthy stuff. I know times are hard and we need to get distracted but hii sasa imezidi.

On a positive note Kenyans have forgotten their political differences and now they are very united asking for connection and nitumie, nitumie, nihurumie, niko nayo but Sina bundles, nani ako na connection ya hio ya Leo. Kenyans lives are in danger but what is occupying their minds is these tapes, hata watu wako hosi forget they are sick, hawataki kupitwa. They are like aki niko admitted nitumie ndio nipone haraka.

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