What is going on in Njoro

Government bans politicians from visiting Njoro constituencies hit by ethnic-based conflicts as dusk to dawn curfew is imposed.


I know the history about nessuit, biston,ndothua, gichagi marioshoni, kiptunga,likia,teret forest etc all the issues "ethnic " are M01 creations ,current gova must clean the mess and reclaim Mau forest ! Nihayo tu.

It started when Kipsigis attacked Maasai. Kipsigis are furious that Maasai politicians spearheaded their eviction from Maasai Mau Forest. Sijui if Maasai morans have started retaliating. I hope they don’t have to because GoK will protect them or so it claims.
Isaac Rutto and some other guy took over the eviction resistance after Murkongombe was told to stop fighting the same govt he represents in the senate

kindly explain more, am curious. @Kimakia @kalenjinkirdit and others who might understand the background of this also share.

You have believed that lie? Why would Kipsigis start a war that they will lose or force their evictions to be pushed further. Government has already evicted the people who had encroached into the cutline. Even three Nyayo zones had been taken over for growing tea beyond the cutline. One in Bomet county and two in Narok county. This story was to die down in a few months.

However their is a bigger subplot in this problem and its the biggest worry right now.
Narok county. The Maasai make up 70% of the population of Narok, Kipsigis make up 30% of the population. However for 2 elections 2013 and 2017, the Kipsigis community through unity has been the kingmaker in Narok county. How, well the Maa vote isn’t united, the Purko clan assumes control and supremacy over other clans. They represent 60% of Maasai population. The Kipsigis have always voted as a block for a leader from the smaller clan to combine and get over 50% of the votes. Even better losing candidates from Purko clan run against each other splitting their votes further. Worse is that Purko themselves vote for several candidates including other clans. That’s the real reason their is tension at the Mau. Gov Tonui beat strong candidates from Puko clan by uniting small clans in his favour and getting all Kipsigis votes. That’s how a minority Maasai clan is dominant in Narok county. To end that then its been tried to push Kipsigis to Kericho and Bomet in the name of evictions. May evictions are over and Mau cutlines restored. The last 60 title deeds from large owners were returned last week and will be revoked. So now the only option is to instigate clashes between border areas of Maasai-Kipsigis and blame the minority for it. The clashes in Njoro are just thieves trying to take advantage to steal cattle and sell for their own benefit. Its simply bad politics of control and power by any means necessary. In the last few months a section of Maa leaders have been inciting their community at the border to violence. The end results are here.

I have received very disturbing information to the effect that whilst the county security teams in Marsabit and Narok counties are working hard to contain the violence between some communities in the said counties,some identified politicians are undermining these efforts by inciting their supporters to escalate the fighting. I have ordered thorough investigations into their conduct with a view to arresting and charging them in court, in the event they are found in breach of any law. Officers in the affected areas have been given instructions to deal firmly in accordance with the law with any lawbreakers.

Former President Moi caused all this Mau mess. He subdivided a lot of Mau forest land for himself and for former KDF soldiers returning from UN missions. First he allocated himself a big piece of land to grow tea and build a factory. All worker in that tea estate are Tugen from Baringo. Even the tea plucker is Tugen. No locals got jobs there. His entire kitchen cabinet did the same. Got land allocation, planted tea and imported labour from Baringo. Next were KDF soldier returning from UN mission in Yugoslavia in the 90’s and Kosovo in the 2000’s. They took the titles, few settled there, most sold it to present people or took up loans with the title as collateral. This 2nd, 3rd owners are the ones in the mess as former President Kibaki and current NLC starts revoking the titles. When gideon came trying to rally kipsigis around him, he was asked to return every Tugen back to Baringo first and second give up those lands given to his family and friends. He has never gone back.

There is a reason why ethnic based clashes happen in R valley and not anywhere else.

Hii ni vita ya Dorobo na Wakale. Wacha wauane kabisaa lakini kutembea Usiku lazima Mimi sitambui kafew.Mishale hainiwezi. Hii upusy yao wataacha tu with time. Dorobo ni Kama shiny eyes kucon watu. Waliuzia Wakale mashamba wakaingia msitu. Time gava inawafukuza Ndio wanafukuza Wakale pia

Very informative. Asanteni.

Ndorobo na Kipsigis wanapigana juu ya mashamba.
Ndorobo alipewa shamba huko Mau forest,kauzia mKipsigis sasa ni kama ni Ndorobo anataka shamba yake tena.Hivyo ndio niliambiwa na mtu ako hayo maeneo

Mimi ni mtu ya Likia.Story za huko hazisahaulikagi ata mtu aki format kichwa

The people who were in those area were under forest department, in villages, they never owned land . The shamba systems was real since colonial time. They cativated land and food security in the country was a non issue , they were allowed to keep sheep , donkeys no dogs , cow or goats ! They had shopping centres, schools, well equip dispensary, clean maintained murram road …recall the East Africa safari Rally, Part of the area was one of great route.
Come M01 regium, early eighties , M01 trasported his ppl from Baringo to Mau, dishing land carelessly ! The dorobo are the only original ppl there .

Can someone explain who ndorobo is?

The Maasai voted a Kalenjin into office, a big step towards eradicating tribalism.

The reclaimed Mau forest land, which Mo1 allocated illegally is probably forcing some politicians and other beneficiaries to incite the communities.
Mo1 move thousands of people from Baringo to the region, these people were displaced from Baringo (there were no homeless people or slum dwellings there) we need to establish what happened to the land they left behind, was it consolidated and taken over? If so, who took ownership of that land? It needs to be returned back to the owners even if they did not possess a title deed.
Arrest and lock up those politicians organising the killing of the innocent.

Ni wakale pia just that they are hunters and gatherers and have lived in the forests ever since


Deep in mau forest infact it’s their ancestral land , just like masai in kajiado, narok etc

nimeskia ni Ogiek wanasumbua Kipsigis

Banning politician there was the right thing