What is actually wrong with religion.

Is the holy book glorifying poverty ama ni mimi naona mbaya?

Hekaya za wayaudi

The truly spiritual people, wachana na hawa pretenders saved, sijui nini. I mean the hardcore spiritualists. Kama the practising jainist nuns of India. Hawa who have absolute respect for all life, hadi wanaogopa kukanyaga ants wasiue by mistake. They seem to have zero desire for material things.
Eastern religions used to be the most genuine but siku hizi naona pia hao wameanza ukora. It’s no longer shocking to hear about Budhist monks conning people or living double lives with hidden whores. Hata sasa modern day South East Asia utapata the ruling class ndio wamejaza family members kwa monastery to make money.

You have to realise the holy book was written by the ktalkers of that time

Where exactly does it glorify poverty? All I see the word discouraging against greed. Don’t take it literally. Money is up there among things that I prioritize

Because the poor are easily manipulated and controlled.

That’s the point. ‘The love of money (greed) is the root of all evil’. The religious texts is warning against greed.
Having said that religious people are the scum of the earth. For you to be deeply religious, you are:

  1. Stupid/simple minded forming the core(kondoos).

  2. Hiding/masking your true self.

  3. A clever guy that’s taking advantage of the kondoos.

You’re quoting the bible to justify your thinking but not what the bible teaches… That’s a simple instruction to be satisfied with what we have

KJ2 1Cor 2:14:
“14 But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

True spirituality is not for the undisciplined. That’s just the truth. Ndio maana hata siwezi pretend najaribu.

The Bible is telling the truth. Excessive love for material prosperity is the cause of all problems we have on earth. Greed is our greatest undoing. Why should you grab the whole of Africa just to become rich? Why should you cause wars and conflicts just for the sake of acquiring wealth and power? I would rather live with minimal resources than spill human blood just for the sake of money.