What is 5 Billion shillings?

In my mind am aware that 1 Billion shillings is alot of money. I usually tell my friends that in Kenya we have been fucked deeply with corruption till we see a Billion shilling as some cheap change.
So simple mathematics to show you how much awa watu ukula kaa nyama.
Imagine this:

Since you were born if u saved 1 shilling every second of your life non stop usiku na mchana for you to hit a 1 Billion shillings you will need 32 years. to be precise (31 years and 9 months).

This means you save a whopping 86,400 per day. To many this is an elusive salary for a month. simple calculations 60(seconds)*60(minutes)*24(hours) = 86,400 *365(days in a year)*31.71= 1,000,006,560.
Now imagine 5 Billion ya Mafia Scandal,

5 billion is 5 million of 1 thousands notes.

A one thousand Kenya note is 15 Centimeter (150 mm) in length.

If you arrange 5 billion shillings (5 million notes) from Mombasa one beside the other in length is it will reach Isiolo which is 750 Km apart. Kaa unaona ni uwongo do the maths (5Million*15cm)= 75Million Cm convert to Km = 750Km. Do a google search of the distance apart.

In short mimi naumwa nakichwa:oops::oops::oops:[ATTACH=full]65559[/ATTACH]

hizi ni zile akili za kiparamanda…no 5billion was eaten, ngojea report full like the rest of us.

ngoja sycophants wajustify hii

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Kafura wa nys withdrew 100m in one day. The total weight of that is 100kg which is 5 20 liters containers . So how about 1b? That’s 50 containers holding 20litres of water. 5 billion is 250 containers of 20litres . That’s a lot

Hapa hawawezi kuja ngojea thread ya Raila utawapata huko

Nani akona kiti ampee uyu akalie…akichill report

Imagine sasa pesa za wakenya is being quantified with litres kilos and lenghts? aaaaiiii kuna shida mahali

Nimekunywa mara moja mara tatu nko sawa mblo

Wangempa simiti ile ya 50kg as a simple test waone kama anaweza beba…with those 'miguu ya stove" si zitavunjika.

Wapike mambo kama Kabura?

I remember case ya Brother Patni ilibidi walete suitcases na waweke pesa kwa court.



Enyewe Kenya ni third world. 5 billion shillings is only 50 million U.S. dollars. Will Smith’s house costs more than that. There’s a China man who just bet that much in Las Vegas, lost it and felt nothing.

50 million dollars is not even enough to make a big budget Hollywood film let alone pay a big name actor. in 1994 Tom Hanks was paid almost 50 million dollars as a small bonus for his role in forest gump. A Ferrari gto costs just over 50 million dollars.

Ayayayayaa…just developed a migraine…8M per container ??. A whooping 80M kwa hizo containers zote ??

There’s an M.P. who once bragged to have a net worth of around 11 billion shillings. sijui kama ni lenny kivuti. He’s a highly paid surveyor.

But we should not talk because kamwana is my tribesman. How has it made price of 1kg sugar in Ishaweri to be different from kisumu. Time to rethink of political destiny

This is saaaad…very saaaad. There is an old man hapa Msa, ukipitia pale Meru road(opp Posta), you will see him. He makes rubber stamps. Amekatwa mguu mmoja, the other is bandaged. At times ukimpita you see frustration written all over his face.

I feel bad when we have such cases and money is looted left, right, centre in this country.

She said she can easily carry 100kgs…gunia ya chick mash