What If?

What If?


[li]Never do it dog style since that is for animals. And they smell real awful in that position[/li][li]Never allow them on top; unless you believe that cups placed upside down would still hold fluid[/li][li]No licking anywhere, that is dirty, and animals do that to check for fertility; some fluids may cause throat cancer( Refer Michael Douglas case)[/li][li]Don’t discuss in the middle of making out or sxx; that is called blackmail and you may lose your wealth if you do/did.[/li][li]Let no female mouth be around your organ, they may Bobbitt you. Also, the enzymes from saliva cause prostate cell reaction thus swelling and cancer. Prostate cancer is on the rise![/li][li]Children are for women. Show up or be more involved in their lives when they can help you with your chores, the heavy lifting. She can take off with them if she wants. Just pay child support.[/li][li]Drop her if she nags coz you got a life to live and stuff to do. Only listen when you want to and not when you need to.[/li][li]After Sxx you let them/her leave. Alternatively, you may just fall asleep lest she/they fill your ears/world with gossip[/li][li]Let her budget based on what you have and not based on what she needs. And you shall live long that way without being enslaved. Let her get a job, or help her get one.[/li][li]Don’t get too attached. These people come and go, and you may go too. Invest in yourself, not them! They will get the best of what you have through trickle effect.[/li][li]If the above happened then that would be true misogyny! Why go that path![/li][/ul]

How many times is this shit, gonna be posted here??

You are hallucinating! We don’t copy and paste!

you and who?

dog style lazima hindus,buddhists, japanese ,muslims and civilised people wash their ass
hizo zingine sisi wazee wa kitambo tunafanya hii mambo ya kuzoeana na bibi/mwanamke ni ujinga

Chiefkiumbe asked “you and who”. Chiefkiumbe, do you need a number or names? I will ask them to respond. Just remember to write a paragraph since those snippets or one-liners you blow out you ass mean much… but they add little value to an open and uncensored free conversation. They prevent us from understanding your trajectory. We guess you are a good communicator.