What if you made 1 million a month

What changes would you make in your personal and business life if you were making that amount every single month, net!! Ukiwa hapa Kenya and as a relatively young man

Hi @sakwa

Keep on budgeting and saving. You’ll be surprised at this thing called lifestyle creep. You can make even more than double that amount and still feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Money is weird like that.

Mimi naweza shinda pale b club na kiza…aka galana plaza

1 100k I’ll pay tuition ya orphans or be in an anonymous orphanage contributor.

I’ll say what I won’t do

2 sioengezi Bibi ingine
3 silewi
4 I won’t change my life style. I’ll still be me
5 I’ll focus more of assets and less of liabilities
6 work on my retirement plan early enough

Aim to save 90% of that net income…

Abba muteso umetombana sana in your youth…let the young man have his fill too…pesa ni makaratasi bwana

Not in this Kenya, especially if you have a family, that 10% of 1m is petty cash .

I’d just work towards early retirement , set up a decent empire that lets me work with more time for my family as opposed to being employed having more time for your employer than your family .

If you know, you know…

If you know, you know…

Wacha tu

Hii ghasia inaishi fantasy land

@Abba wacha watu WA tombane si Ata wewe ulukamua shemale huko Brazil

If you are pulling in that kind of mulla, congratulations.

Remember, good times don’t last. Good investments do. Milk that cash cow as much and as long as you can. Build those apartments and buy those stocks like crazy.

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I would save 900k and live an ordinary life

In short … establish some serious passive income pipeline…

Very true

Know someone who is pushing a net of around 800k a month…
Na analia 2 kama mtu wa kawaida