What If The Terrorists Were Executed & The Escape Story Is Just A Diversion

Wapi story ya wale walishikwa pale mombasa on camera? Ama tulenge hio kwanza kwa sasa?
With all the intel available on these perps,known terrorists are walking freely out there until ‘needed’. Like i said,fear is currency…i cannot expound further than that

Wameshindwa na gun totting pastrolists since the 70’s, this is a whole different ball game. Wakimbizane na hawkers,wash wash ama activists,hapo i give them two thumbs up

Kama walishikwa doesn’t that mean they were are meeting their goals?

Of course ‘walishikwa’,now we can rest easy

Na hii Kijiji imejaa movie producers na directors wengi

Hence the term mbirrioneas:cool::wink: