What If The Terrorists Were Executed & The Escape Story Is Just A Diversion

These mofos didn’t escape. Planteshen owners decided to have them culled and a fake breach was done on the prison walls to make it look like a real escape.
Bwire was also executed and fed to the crocodiles.

The prison bosses could also be just sacrificial lambs.


War on Terror is a very lucrative business.

Hapo sawa. Wamaliswe kabisa.

Kama waliangamizwa ni sawa

Doesn’t make sense to release them just to kill them. They were not a threat to anyone from behind bars.

Unless they were threatening to reveal secrets about their fellow terrorists.

Is a cover story really needed to kill terrorists, esp those in the can? Just waste them. All that hustle is unnecessary really

I think that you might be correct…! There appears to be an operation “Angamiza known terrorists”! And the drama that came with this meant that the paymaster was in town and they had to show that they took action…

They were not released. They were were taken from their cell in the middle of the night and taken to the Tana. Tied, blasted and tossed. I hope that is what happened.

You must be an Ojinga

Fear is currency. It all depends how you want to use it.

nonsense , why not kill them behind bars in a fight btn prisoners ? security forces have been lax thats why they lost Bwire and these other thugs

Unless one is an insider in the intelligence systems, we can only speculate for we do not know what the truth is… And I do not believe the Government 100% all the time!

Hii yote ni oupussy.

I was right. They have been captured alive.

I think the whole saga was a message to Blinken. The idea is to whip terrorism fears in the country. Pitch to Blinken, the USA sends more money.

I also thought, they could have bought simple hats, kofias to disguise their looks.

We must ask vital questions

Bonobo1 uko na shida mahali, D- wamefanya kazi ya maana.

Pre planned hii yote. Ukifikiri ni D minus ndo wamekacheza,boss, you really need to keep your ears to the ground. Wacha tungoje tuskie walishootiwa after an attempted escape or walishikwa na cholera huko ukambani. Hii story haijaisha,theres more to come

Care to place a bet, security apparatus ya Kenya sio mchezo hio design unafikiria kinyosss