What if Kalonzo had met Uhuru first?

What if Kalonzo/Weta and Mudavadi had met Uhuru for dialogue before Raila.

Would their communities and parties supported them same way Raila has been?

Would they have been called watermelons?

Would Raila be walking around crying like a slayqueen how he has been betrayed?

Uhuru must not have any dialogue with nasa !

Mt Kenya is lying low


  1. Jakuon is always right.
  2. If in doubt, refer to truth no. 1.

Odomos would have thrown another grenade

Actually that was JaKuon’s fear. That they would pull the trigger first.

That’s like asking: what if the sun circles the earth?

On a serious note, JaKuon went to Uhuru because the 3 Stooges had been ridiculing him daily since 30/1/2016, the most ridiculous day in Kenyan history.

The Barack Muluka national joke on TV was the last straw.

Generals don’t make truces with foot soldiers, but with their counterpart respective generals.
If Salva Kiir’s soldiers were to make a ceasefire with Riek Macher in the name of peace, that would be a defection & treasonous.
A more accepted truce is when the main protagonists meet and there won’t be anything wrong in that, and that’s what Raila and
Uhuru did.