What If Gatheca was to dissolve parliament today?

What if Gatheca wakes up tomorrow and decides to dissolve parliament? That would mean the country going to a premature election. Most of the legislators making alot of noise would never see the inside of parliament through a general election not forgeting the mess that would be Kenya. Beside Gatheca won’t have anything to lose apart from a dead legacy.

H does not have power to do that in the new setup. If he resigns, his VP will take over

Jamaa ako mlevi hata sidhani anajali

He “dissolved” the freakin economy,who gives a sheet what he dissolves next,he might as well dissolve every manhood

Kama ungesoma katiba badala ya kuambiwa “barber ameisoma - iko sawa wewe vote tu ‘yes’”, ungejua under the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the president cannot dissolve parliament.

Impossible because of vested interests.Biashara

His ratings are rock bottom so doing that would be the premature end of his second and final term.

Can’t happen,they will veto his declaration.

Gathica is a nyee

We nis sleuths are watching

Kwani you’re one of those guys muliambiwa mtasomewa Constitution???


The moron can’t risk that because he knows that there’s lots of people that are prepared to put him in jail and seize his family assets.

It’s why he’s picked Raila as a successor. Raila is an equally corrupt mf and far less likely to usurp deep state than Ruto who has zero ties to it despite being corrupt as Satan.

Mchichana cum srowre. Mi nabinjaga mashano viherehere ka wewe

I’m sure you do…in your dreams
Punguza bangi kijana na ujifundishe kusoma ili usiwahi aibisha wazazi wako tena , they sent you to school! Read the damn Constitution Uhuru cannot dissolve parliament!!!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D tuambiane ukweli…wewe ulisoma yote??To me its only a fool that reads and follows african constuitutions.They dont work…Huduma number ndio ingine…mulipanga line alafu?

Nlishakuambia utulize nyege … before nywele zifunguliwe

Those who are saying he can’t dissolve it, while technically correct, should also remember how many times he has violated the constitution, most memorably by purporting to deport a citizen by birth. Violating the law is nothing new to them, but doing it in this way would just be moronic.

And by the way, strictly speaking, the president can dissolve parliament if it fails to enact certain legislation.

Like happened with the two-thirds gender rule

Surprise surprise, I did, and I disagreed with most of it since it was not a conclusive document it left a lot to parliament.

Kweli upungufu was akili kipawa you take the trophy!!