What if earth is swallowed by a black hole.

What if earth veers off from its orbit, and decides to tangangata.


What if my dick got sucked into @TrumanCapote ?

He said “spaghettification” and all I saw was Pam telling Archer and Lana “PASTAFARRI”!

If the earth was swallowed by a black hole, it would be compressed to the size of a golf ball with all the matter in it. I. e wewe na familia yenu, na neighbour na kicc na Mt everest,all compressed to fit in a cup.

Figure that out

My son is addicted to this channel. I think we’ve watched all episodes so far.
The funniest was what if everyone in the world farted at the same time.

Urongo mkubwa sana hio

Sema ukweli cretin.

Leta ukweli

What if makena accepted my punch for shot?

As of last week several sink holes have appeared in Mexico ,China, USA and Israel…

mr fundi theres a big difference between a sink hole and a black hole

Arah :smiley: :smiley:

My bad… nimeona hole and sink holes register in my head. Didn’t know kuna kitu kama black hole.


Ukweli imetajwa hapo juu. Ni spaghetti effect. The earth will be elongated not shrunk

Does your son have a father ama it’s just you two?

Because you are in construction ndio akili imeruka huko.

Earth can fit in one of Jupiter’s craters. I researched about the planet and it scared me shit less. Hio ghasia ni kubwa.

I have very many questions about the ellipsoid earth theory, one of the most interesting question is why does most of the world avoid the south pole like the plague

Meaning ,we will shrink exponentially with the earth? Hardly noticeable me thinks .
I mean ,if we hardly feel earth’s rotation speed,a shrink will maybe cause an ear pop or two

Not sure how this factors in hapa but yeah he does.