What i have learned #2015

Never confuse people who are always around you, with people who are always there for you.

Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggg EBRU Ktaaaaaaaaaaaalkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Happy New Year all.


What does “ebru” mean? Askin for a friend

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he just saw the name of the tv and adopted it…just thinking…

Hapo kweli kapsaa…!

Happy New Year to you too

Sounds like you learned your lesson the hard way

Hii mwaka imekuwa ngumu kwangu lakini imenifungua macho, next year lazima nipate target yangu.

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hekaya sabini omwami


happy belated year Omwami naweka thread thirty first .


happy new yr

Yu too

YA October 2016?

Live live to the full, set no targets. What’s the difference between today and tomorrow or between the end of one month and the start of another?

pengine…someone said @pamba has made 71 unkept hekaya promises so that could be number 72…


Thirty first imefika buana … wapi hekaya

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tutangoja saaana…