What I find most shocking about Venezuela Erectus supporters

Yaani these guys actually believe this guy. Today I was asking an UDA sycophant what is the criteria he uses to employ someone. He said, past experience is number one. So I asked him, what past experience made you feel the need to give Computer elect the job of being your president? Silence.

So basically the man is depending on a guy who has never respected the taxes Kenyans pay, hell, he couldn’t even respect or protect our tokens.

I don’t know if its desperation or what. These people actually believe this guy. The most gullible people in this world.

I hear Chinese built him a one billion shilling house with a man made lake. You think Unye is opaque? You think Unye is state capture. This won’t even be state capture it will be state plunder, where everything is looted to death.

I am a shopaholic-recovering and there’s something called remorse buying, where you go buy something else because you are having buyer’s remorse. So you voted UhuRuto or maybe you didn’t since IEBC has always been a rigging center. So after 10 years of being raped, you decide that hey, we need the other guy to straighten out the mess of the guy they were stealing with until they fell out.

I was talking to a professor of medicine. I just wanted him to explain to me why he’d support someone with such a murky past. This is someone who has been to Harvard. He was just angry bcz UhuRuto team let him down. I had the nerve to ask him but wasn’t Raila an option when you decided to go with UhuRuto? Once, twice, thrice? Let’s just say, he started talking in Biblical terms. You know he’s anointed by God etc. I don’t want to antagonise people who are valuable to me but seriously Kenyans have a problem and I think it’s desperation. Kenyans are so desperate that regardless of your record all they require is someone who will give them a glimmer of hope. A drowning man clutching at straws.

For me I’m going for a mini vacay because I am just so exhausted with that one week we were quarantined at home, waiting for results and then all the cesspool of revelations about the rot in IEBC. It feels like 3 months, so I just want to get away until the final verdict so that I don’t have to through the trial. I return when the verdict is about to be read. This being Kenya we cannot rule out the country being unstable for the next couple of months. So if you can get time off, take a vacay now before the shit storm begins.

I have promised myself that I won’t gloat to UDA guys. I will just evade the topic completely because I can empathise with them desperation makes people terribly myopic. Any which way, we are in this thing together. For better or for worse. For poorer for richer. Till death do us part. There’s no need of telling someone who you are in a sinking ship together, I told you so, I told you this guy is a liar, I told you that you can’t trust him. At that point we will just have to cope. Sink or swim. There will be no time for blame game. But may God lead us not into temptation and deliver us from all evil is my prayer. I don’t trust this guy one drop. I can’t trust. I have trouble not giving people the benefit of doubt but I don’t have that problem with this your ‘messiah’. I believed him the first time he showed Kenyans who he was. So I can’t trust with a chicken let alone the future of this country. I don’t trust anything about him. Including his ‘salvation’.

Jesus said by their fruits you shall know them. If you look at the fruits of the Spirit, I can assure you that Baba has more fruits of the Spirit than your guy. This man is not a Christian. I understand the person who led the team of arsonists who torched Kiambaa KAG church got the orders directly from him. How anyone can put their faith in this man, is completely beyond me but I am chalking it up to the fact that this how desperate Kenyans are. Nyway nyinyi fuateni kesi, me I will resume on the judgment day. I’m too emotionally invested to derive any joy from following the proceedings. Let me take care of my mental health because we don’t what’s coming and how much strength it will require.


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