what i fear about death.....

Its inevitable that one day we will die for some it will be quick and others slowly, some will be quiet in the company of family and friends others it will be in an instant. Others it will be long and excruciatingly painful yet others will not know what hit them either way we die. When i think about death i honestly do not know what to expect. For instance i ask myself would i have time to tie loose ends like you know make peace with my enemies, delete browser history and social media accounts, say a prayer etc some say that when one is about to die their lives flash before them i wonder what my flashes will look like. As for legacy i dont care what people think about me when am gone. I have witnessed people die infront of me and it seems like a peaceful transition to the otherside…

I always hope not to pass away in the bathroom naked. That is my worst fear


Hehe unaogopa embarassing your corpse:D


hehe sitaki hiyo ikue last mental image majirani have of me. kwa mortuary ukitolewa nguo na mwili kua preserved ni sawa

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As a kid, i would think" what if you die doing something, and you have to continue doing it in the afterlife? for eternity?"
So imagine you were having a ridiculously difficult and painful shit…then you have a heart attack…can you imagine your forever? pains in the chest and pains in the ass? and a a ka-shell that never chucks?:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


Death can come unannounced that why you should always wear clean boxers


Hehe did you suffer from constipation as a kid:D:D:D

And invest also in socks …si ati umekufa ukiwa na torn ones

never…but i have had those days when you regret not having eaten any greens

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I used to sleep in my birthday suit until are area transformer decided to surprise me with a loud blast in middle of the night…on that day I thought i was going to heaven naked.siku izi boxer ni lazima kama ibada.


Imei, finally they decided to send you to syria?! Let us know.

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Heri nife kama boxer imeraruka kuliko kufaint kisha utolewe inje.

Extreme trauma victims most poop and pee on themselves isn’t that worse than being naked.

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A friend of a friend died and when her family went to collect her belongings from her flat, embarrassment galore. Dildos of all kinds and porn cds. Mind you, she was a very pleasant lady when alive. My friend told me she looked at her dead friend’s photo suspiciously henceforth.


But niwaulize, does it matter? Si utakufa story iishe? That IS the tying up of loose ends. You can’t be embarassed by something you are unaware of, no?


You need a friend who’ll go in and hide your dildo(s)…


bet she was in the church choir

kwani she used to buy branded original porn CDs ama the family members walijuaje. Or they were aptly named i.e. The sledgehammer

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What’s unpleasant about sex?

Nothing is wrong about sex just that masturbation is frowned upon in the african traditions …the look on the mothers’ face must have been ya mshtuko of the year


my fear is going to hell,burning up next to a chatterbox who is just boring, kusikiza upuss for eternity