What has the past 12 months taught you?

Curious to hear your experience

There is the physical world and there is a spirit world.

Don’t ever believe a politician.

Always help the NEEDY, but do it carefully. Also charity begins at HOME.

One must have an emergency stash of cash (not savings),things happen

Prayers get answered.
This life is very very short and quick.
The world is not at a stable point, there’s no more regard to humanity or nature, though there exists some people who are trying to make a difference.

Being nice to please everybody is not a good thing, neither is it helpful.

kua mbaya uishi vizuri

Haters everywhere God amenisaidia kabisa

deals safi hazitawaikunywa maji…plus inakupea amani ukikula hizo pesa.

We share this one!

Same to me! Good and genuine deals are worth it

Kwanza family relatives…They can misuse u

@Unataka kujua ili?



Make sure you can make @least a half of what you earn, passively

Saying NO is an important life skill

Amini Mungu. Marafiki si wale mnakunywa na wao. Pata itilafu ya pesa ujue rafiki wa kweli ni nani?

Weka familia mbele.

Don’t be too generous and let people take advantage. Sometimes, your so called ‘friends’ and ‘family’ can slow you down faster than your enemies.

That Jubilee hatuko Pamoja.

That a year has 12 short months.
Needlessly to say it’s the Jubilee government that has ferked me up the most.