what has kenyatalk taught you

Ati huwezi anza real estate na less than ksh 30 Million

A wise elder I think it was @Baresi once said that “if you can’t buy it twice, you can’t afford it”…

That financial advice is the most sensible thing I have come across.

Always condomize

There’s a lot of closeted idiots in this country it’s just that they can’t speak out their retarded ideas in public

Utado Nini ukipata babako ako na handle Huku na pia ako na tendencies za kisenge?


Nipe nikusiphu niaje ? Leo umepaka viti za mathe mahvi kilo gapi?

Learning begins at home.

  1. Ktalk taught me about all the brothels in Kanairo

  2. All Kenyan women have a price tag/ Kenyan women are trashy

  3. That even people above 30’s can be highly immature

  4. Most Kenyans are sycophants

  5. 5pc of Kenyans save money

  6. Ugonjwa is rampant

  7. Many men if given the chance wouldn’t marry their current wives

Haha @Azor Ahai in his element, nilimkemea kweli kweli when he said that in one of his post, I took him head on

Too many tribalistic albeit backward folks…no offence

  1. Mapenzi ni sci-fi jargon.
  2. Most women have a price tag.
  3. Money reigns supreme. Gather lots of it!

Bei ni fixed

  1. You should have 100m before thinking about marriage

  2. Don’t be comfortable until you start making 1m per month from rentals, in addition to any other income

  3. Men are sexually starved than you think

Especially in marriages/plantations/planteshans