what has kenyatalk taught you

1.People are really stupid when they get out of their narrow specialities - which took years of learning and repetition anyway.
2. @TrumanCapote is gey

Bei ni 150.
Have at least a degree.
Fear Women 24/7/365

@Jimit 's foreskin weighs 15kg

That some elders calling themselves mgtow are actually sissies…building castles in the air…jamaa ako kwa groups za wamama fb bana…what a moron… @Kodiaga sitakutaja :D:D:D. Grow some nuts woman…elders wakiongea unanyamaza kutoka leo

Nothing kwani hapa ni shule.

Kenyans (and sub-Saharan Africans generally) are vehemently anti-LGBTQIA+ at the moment, even though roughly a tenth of the adult population (anywhere in the world) is gaay or at least has some form/ degree of same sex attraction.


Some of the most vocal anti-LGBTQIA+ voices are ironically part of this population. It’s some sort of reverse psychology.

It will take approx. 20-30 years for LGBTQIA+ rights to start gaining some legal [and some social] recognition in this part of the world, mainly through a generational change. Meanwhile, aluta continua…

Kijiji has just reaffirmed beliefs I had:

  1. Be extra alert with women.
  2. Everyone is wearing a mask.
  3. News is propaganda.
  4. Kenyans are angry chini ya maji etc

I have learned that Kenyan women are too loose.
That most people are lunatics.
Self-reliance is important

@Ngimanene na matharo hudunga na kunusa

That @PHARMACY has mental illness and all his life rotates around ktalk

Not just Africa but the world over. In the west the must just tolerate.

That @uwesmake is a goat shagging She-Male who deserves stoning at any opportunity he is sighted

300 k is peanuts.

I make 20k monthly na hio statement above makes me laugh

People talk a lot of nonsense online because they know they cannot be punched in the face.

@FieldMarshal CouchP suffers from a mental illness that makes him feel octogenarian despite him being mid thirties.

Azor Ahai is a young billionaire

And shifo owns a ranch.

That @uwesmake @Weyn na @Finest wine wanafanyanga sex orgy halafu @TrumanCapote ana record na camera ya simu yake aki rub clit yake imekauka kama omena ya @Sidindi Bey

Never accept pregnancy , @uwesmake 2001

1)Kunguru ni kunguru tu!
2)Alafu pia Chokora ni chokora…tu!I have noticed they tend tu kojolea thread yeyote no matter how important the thread is!