What happens when sex is in abundance

I have started doubting when i will ever settle down with one woman like everyone else, a direct consequence of sex becoming super abundant.
We no longer have to struggle to get some like our folks.During their time,premarital sex was scarce.
I think our fathers settled down with one woman because getting laid was rare in their time,so the best way to ensure constatnt supply was in the confines of marriage.
Today, however, akina tagged na badoo have made sex easly accessible.So what do you think elders?
What will happen to the institution of marriage especially for guys in their mid to late 20s.

There will be no marriage in fifty years to come. Divorce was unheard of only a few decades ago but it’s now an accepted norm.

The appetite for sex among guys in their 20s is always high because nature has it that this the stage in life where they can reproduce and be able to raise children without difficulties as they are healthy and strong. That’s why in our thirties sex is not a big deal…you just want to make money and live peacefully…you see no big deal in women…they are just same, pussy ni Ile Ile…different women same sex acts…at the end you empty your balls…no big deal.

Not really bro…it will be there…what we are seeing does not mean it’s everywhere…what I can say is not everyone will get married…kama Tu Kwa biz…not everyone is an entrepreneur…lazima kuwe na exceptions

In the near future I see no marriages taking place. Too many slaykwins and MGTOWchyeth who believe taking advantage of the other is the new world order. In the end I see LGBT ikiwa chama in Kenya

The internet has DISRUPTED everything, including the notion of settling down.

…Sodom na Gomorrah kulikuwa na hizi tabia za kisasa na ni miaka nyingi saidi zimepita…na bado people are getting married. As long as there is religion…bado people will believe in marriages…

2010s dominated by feminist propaganda gone wild
women power / we need no men / women can do everything
meme pandemic hits
they all either turn slampig for a guy or become whores
only downside is that some whores make far too much money from simps

Shut up faggot, settling down with a fellow faggot is not marriage

niseme speak for yourself hapa?

Ati our fathers married one woman and settled down:D:D
Not my old man…and definately not my uncles.

Prediction: A female sex robot that resists sex - kicking and moaning and denying consent, before finally giving in once penetrated - will be the top-selling bot from the day it becomes available for sale.

Male rape bots will be harder to program but will also be top sellers. Many women desire being taken by force by a large male and having their pussy pounded raw.

TL;DR most folks are sick in the head.

…ni sex Tu. It becomes normal. But Ka jamaa ana uhaba ya madem anaonanga ni big deal to get laid… In my case waujileta…hardly go for them and they try to impress…but I care less. Akitaka kuja Sawa akitaka kwenda Sawa another one will come. Nikiwa hapo 23 to 27 ilikuwa something…but sai ni Mimi na kurembesha mfuko…so they come and do what will award them points.

Think about it the amount of simps probably hasn’t gone up.

signs of danger ahead

Kama Japan?

The simple principle of supply and demand. When there is plenty of sex, commitment will be scarce, nowonder madem hawaoleki siku hizi. Because men don’t have to commit to get sex unlike generations ago. But when sex is scarce, the incentive for men to commit will be high since that is the only easy channel to access sex. Women themselves wanted sexual freedom and liberation na wakapewa, little did they know they were shooting themselves on their foot. Yaani their only bargaining power is gone and useless now. Nakuambia ile desperation madems wako nayo siku hizi.Life is good for guys above 27 yrs.

Shida ni those women wanakuaga wamegonga ukuta and they are desperate for marriage and stability. Hapo ni kumwaga ndani kama umeingia vichakani.

Marriage will still be there, because the society has never been short of simps. But even those cases will be few, coz cohabitation ndio itakua kwa wingi sana…Madem watakua wanaishi kwao untill even their mid 30s and 40s.Nikubaya man.

…unabeba tent… And find your way to the heart of the amazon. But to get laid for free… Simply promise a Mwoman marriage… Atajitolea but deep down you know she is making up for the time you had nothing and spent most of the time ukivumila dry spell.