what happens when kalenjins take root in all public offices


I call anus lickers @sani @Titty Twister @Kennedy Maina @Karoga @Kalenjin101 @Berlin Oxford to explain further?

This is actually happening with reckless abandon, no f*cks given…even Moi was not like this.

Na Tūgeege bado tunangoja.
Tunapuganishwa na chief Kīgeege jagathi.

The same ×100 as to what happened when Sappere was the dominant tribe hapa nikungonja mfirwe

president is literally making his community a target for hate…

ya’ll talk a lot… but, uhuru’s picks were fairly balanced… this is something else

By njauruos? Doubt they’ll care

you haven’t read the mood in the country…everyone is complaining apart from kales

I have never directly benefitted from having fellow okuyus in those offices so I don’t care.

Life in Mt. Kenya is still shitty despite having 3 presidents come from here.

Alafu Gachietha atajua hajui coz he doesn’t seem to question the appointments. If it was me, Zakayo would be appointing one kalenjinga and one okuyu.

Truthful and Righteous Man knows what he is doing.

Ni God manze!

They will soon be hated like sapere…

this type of marginalization is why countries including Ethiopia, Myanmar… are burning. it makes it easier for warmonger to rile up their base

My thoughts exactly…the “40 vs 1” narrative is shifting


No one hates saperes. Maybe your demented brain only

Gachagua cannot question because he’s not a kikuyu. He’s kalenjin

Swafi kabisa

Kikuyus contributed 70% of the votes but jobs are being given to other people. Sad.

They are Kalenjins but the CV speaks for itself. Kama huyo Siror Ako na PhD ya Engineering, they aren’t so Many in Kenya. Watu wengi wanakuwanga na PhDs ya humanities…

The advantage these guys have over those from other communities with Similar qualifications ni kuwa tu Mkalenjin, but they sure meet the requirements