What happened to the young brilliant soul

This guy was an innovator.His knowledge on technology transformation matters and technology in general was second to none.
He was a Director and ICT Head at NTSA until his demise few days ago.
I don’t want to plaster his photo(for obvious reason,respect) here but for those who may in the know,what happened to Dr. Fenando Wangila?
This time you are here the next time we are seeing your image on all social media with so many RIP messages.You rub your eyes thinking its a dream but eventually it dawns on you that the smart fella is gone.
What happened to him?

You don’t want to put up a picture that’s already in the public gallery and then you ask us what happened to him? He died. You sir are a cunt!

We he immortal?

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I have seen his photo both on Twitter and FB but going though the comments says what killed him. He seemed to be doing well careerwise.

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The guy was posting online and busy attending seminars up until last week. Saw he recently won an ICT award as well. Why do I suspect this Covid19 thing?
Just watched his speech on Blockchain technology on YouTube. What a loss to Kenya, such a brilliant young mind.

This being .ke and guy and guy working in IT for NTSA, can’t rule out the guy being taken out for obstructing a major corruption deal.


Came across an article where he said, he had open heart surgery in 1996. Could be the underlying factor here. Anyway RIP techie.

Brilliant guy and a huge loss to the IT community.
ION inakaa mzee alikua ameamua watu wasome [ATTACH=full]309861[/ATTACH]

He was a great fella and very resourceful. DBK the lawyer said that he’d told him he had a heart attack a while back. May Dr. Wangila RIP

If he had a heart problem, the busy life and wide traveling might have put a huge strain on his body and probably led to his demise. MHSRIP