What happened to the Alfred Mutua we saw as governor?

When Afred Mutua was Machakos governor, he led with a flamboyant style that also projected him as futuristic and a super achiever. He was the darling of Machakos residents and the envy of fellow governors

The Alfred Mutua that is CS for foreign affairs is mute, colorless and rudderless. Whan he is not organizing for aid to Turkey, he is trying to figure out “important” policy issues such as why Kenyan women like Nigerian men.

This scenario is (unfortunately) replicated for many CSs in the present administration. What kind of kamuti did they take during oath of office? What is the point of serving in a government that neuters your potential and renders you totally irrelevant?

What is the difference between CS and CAS?

Bootlicking happened.

Nimeona unachosema. Wacha tu, hehe

Huyo jamaa ni bure sana ni venye he had a good PR team.


Mutua has always had the likes of Ted munovi and mwengi mutuse running shit for him including PR…has had same team since his days as a government spokesman . sai wengine kama mwengi are mps and busy in their constituencies…dude is now exposed

Only one person can have the limelight in Ruto’s government. Hauoni hata Kuria alizimwa :D:D:D:D:D

Waliitwa kwa meeting na Farouk wakaambiwa kuna monthly quota ya number of times hawafai kutokea kwa media

" mute, colorless and rudderless " that’s how he has always been, you just bought into his cobra squad vipindiree na sarakasi.

Munovi alikua student leader wetu

Mutuse, munovi, Ken obura, makokha, jakakimba, willy kimani and I think irungu kangata, were all leaders between 2003-2005. Ted was a very charismatic guy…that’s the only time when SONU did not vote tribe. Mimi 2005 after rigorous interviews nilikubaliwa kununua shares senses club, two pool tables and shares in tuckshop hall 9 and 11 nikatulia.

You shall not shine than your master ana follow hio rule


Is this Mutual the same guy who was Kivutha’s Chief of Staff? Ted Munovu was once UoN student leader si ndio?

Mwengi has always been with Mutua since his days as government spokesman. Yes, Munovu was the chair, I believe the best ever. Sai Mwengi is filthy rich lakini case zake hukufa pale KACC kabla hata zianze.

Then that’s a different Mutuse.

Say what?! Jambaas knows the error Uhuru and Moi made that he exploited


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Si picha ya huyu jamaa ilianguka juzi akiwa kwa mkutano huko mbs rd? So what do you say?