What happened to polygamy



Let’s talk about this fading tradition
What are your views on it?
Do you come from a polygamous background and if so what has been your experience? Would you still recommend it in modern day society?

I hear that our brothers from the western region of kenya (LUHYAS) still marry upto 3 khupipis and even more and vehemently insist that polygamy is the order of the day and the day of the order.

Asande sana[ATTACH=full]351834[/ATTACH]

Polygamy has been replaced by Open Relationship FYI

Whiteman successfully convinced black man polygamy is a sin and bad but homosexuality is okay.

Kitambo everything was in abundance…siku izi ku-providia familia moja ni shida, sembuse mbili ?

The White man happened.

vile @Condor amesema hapo juu

I think polygamy ended because of economic reasons and higher levels of education. What would you rather do? Uongeze bibi ama uzunguke dunia na hiyo pesa?? Men got smarter with their money sio kama kitambo. Any middle class man atafanya hesabu aone bibi mmoja ametosha and he can use his extra income to enjoy life and travel.

Singo mathas and MGTOW the modern polygamy

my grandpa had two wives, very happy. i think given a chance i will marry second asap

Evolved to kuosha rungu

Nature rules!

True man I think capitalism happened

polygamy tume endorse as patriarchs

Walai tena

I found out my maternal grandpa was a polygamist while reading his death announcement kwa gazeti.
In modern day I hear it’s “bibi akisumbua tafuta mwingine”

Polygamy is there, my brother just married a second wife ako 54 years now. Na uncle yangu ameongeza third wife

Where do you come from?

Polygamy has not faded away. Kenyan men believe in more than 1 woman and they have mpangos all over the globe. They just don’t know how this works because some don’t want to provide for the families. Even 1 child wanashindwa yet they want to shout about 2 wives from the rooftop. If they really want to practice polygamy they should be the Nyachae, Gachagua, and Kenyatta snr types. Hao wengine can only be labelled as wannabees. Best avoided in this day and age.
Na wasichana tusome kwa bidii and have our own income. Kimtu kikileta bibi wa pili tukutane on the way out.

Kwa hivyo kama ni Gachaguas ungebaki tu apo

:DHehehe not the case. What I meant is that they knew how to choose those women who can accept this and they also provided for all their kids. For if he tells you as his 1st Lady then ati anaoa bibi mwingine na ukubali na huyo wa pili akubali what is to stop him bringing a 3rd and a 4th? These are men who understand a woman’s mind.

Say if you told me you have a wife on day dot, hutaniona tena no matter how smitten I was.
I am sure you understand what I mean lakini you want to imply otherwise because the ones I mentioned are loaded. Ordinary peasant akijiwekelea this lifestyle ni mjinga kapsaa. Trust me, the ones I mentioned must have been turned down by numerous women too. And I have to hand it to them coz wote wanajuana na watoto pia.

For me, I would settle for child maintenance. If he wants to introduce my kids to his other children am good. Lakini mimi issa no. I will go find my own man. Cha muhimu anything I own belongs to my children, not his harem.

Polygqmy Bado iko, the only difference Ni ati kitambo people used to make it official, azn the whole village knows so and so are to that fella.nowadays mzee ndio anajijulia tu ako na mtu ameweka mahali and because it’s a secret, uyo Bibi pia anakulwa na other guys

Can’t work in the modern times coz wanawake wamekua makunguru