What happened to Nairobi Half Life Actors?

The quality of the movie was shot in 2012 ilikua juu, even the actors walikua poa sana. But nikama wali potea kwa scene.
In other news:
Fomer TPF star, David Major currently living on the streets of Thika. He can always be seen along Mirema drive.


Nairobi Half Life script writer Charles Matathia what a life, very sad…sad indeed. The guy is bright.


Had half lives?

Wafanye movie na washakubali 40K post production? Hio pesa huwa ishaisha kabla mtu alipwe

What the hell happened to David!? Nakumbuka madem walikua wamemnoki mbaya

That was the beginning of his downfall, aka changanya madem na matei

Smh very sad…Mungu amsaidie

If you don’t use your 15 minutes wisely then okota mapipa pole pole bila kusumbua.

Entertainers are as good as their last hit. There’s never a next hit unless you are lucky. Always use your fame or peak as a means to the next stage. If you dwell on your highest achievement, a broken soul awaits you.

All these actors should have marketed themselves like crazy. Nobody in Kenya will help you. Sell yourself as an award winning actor to star in commercials, sell products in clubs , make special appearances for corporate events , opening concerts, appearances in social events…etc etc. 5k here , 5 k there becomes 50k /event over time.

Fame ndio ina Kula yeye.

The starving artist thing is real.

Upuss! Madem si shash wasichanganywe na tei

Kweli fame is a dangerous drug

They want to live in utopia. Hawajua wako na two persona. David msanii na Dave ule ako na originality.

Gary Coleman and Dana Plato (70s sitcom Diff’rent Strokes) wah!

Gary Coleman was killed by his wife. Dana Plato commited suicide. Theyre both dead. Hii jinga sijui inangoja nini. Siwezi jiaibisha hivo for long.

You have never handled “successful” Kenyans. Niulize bro. They immediately become your director - you eat, dress and feed your family from their sweat. Otherwise, unamwambia nini ambayo wewe hungefanya ufike place yeye amefika? That’s usually their mentality for most of them.

Kuchange lifestyle imeaffect wengi sana ata wenzetu. Live your simple life

so muliamuwa aje?

The film industry in Kenya is as same as dead. Immediately umehit anza kusaka njia za kuenda elsewhere.

Wasn’t Gary’s death declared an accident?