What Goes Here?

Pick your brain since I already picked mine


An armadillo with skeet on its back?
Is there a 0.25 house ama what mazematiks is this?

Nimeona tu wild animals and gastropoda family

Praying mantis


Well, a snail with legs or a turtle with slime. Does this mean 844 was a substandard of a substandard standard?


Hmmmm…a frog with a house?

Wait!!! Is it that my IQ is below per? Mimi ndio mjinga ama???

ako kwa intersection ya slime, house na legs

Of course the slithering kind

Inventor wa IQ alipimwa IQ yake na nani? Ukitumia kitu kufikiria alafu hio conclusion utapata ifanye uulize the same apparatus ulitumia kufikiria kama conclusion ulipata inamake sense, si utafanya hicho kifaa ulitumia kijishuku? In this case, will this apparatus ever operate freely?

my IQ must be of warthog coz si shikanichi chochote

You want an animal that has a house, four legs and is slimy? That went extinct


Now I get it. What is that creature that has 4 legs, a house with it and slime

Msito… that creature needs to have a house like snail, a slime like slug and 4 legs.