What girls go through in pursuit of employment

It’s too painful.


story gani hii?

@Finest wine

@Christ the King come here and tell us who is Satanic now. Who has a Satanic connection. You tell someone’s child to go for a job, you rape her, kill her and bury her in a shallow grave and go to Twitter to post. Satanic connection? Women are jeolous of your power? Power to kill? So who is manipulative?

This is why you will never catch me dead doing anything good for a man. They’re just evil incarnate. What kind of evil is this?

Nita comment nikiwatch.

You know, from what I think, there are high chances that this young man had the spirit of anger in him, and we all know it’s only a matter of time before something vile is bound when you have such. I myself before I became born again, planned on murdering someone before, and I tell you the truth, one does not realize how deep of in a hole you are till you come into the light and reflect. This is not justification on the killer’s favour. I think this junk pile of a man deserves God’s justice to the max.
But I still stick to my dogma , women inherently have the satanic connection. What are we looking at? This man’s life is ruined because of a woman, and if women had the overall stength that men had (God forbid!), without benefit of the doubt, women would triple cases like these.

And are you forgetting the case of Bob Cohen? When women decide, it becomes ugly and messy. So hii upuzi yako uwache bana

You wanted to kill a woman? What did she do to you? Me I think I just forget things quickly bcz even if I am mad at you. I’m like to hell, who is this who is worth me being miserable about? Then I sit down and reflect and I am like I’d probably be just like them. Poor them. I just understand that they are horrible bcz they don’t have it as good as I do, if they had my life, they’d be as sweet as me. Even here I don’t take things personal nikiona I’m not happy dealing with you, I block you but kama huyu mama wa shetani alikua chimpanzee, I can’t block her yet she was a nobody here till I made noise about there being no female admins. Talk about biting the hands that feed you. So if I can’t block her then I just mock her. And she takes the bait. Anyway, my point is that, hate in your heart will consume you too. If you asked me who is my enemy I can’t tell you bcz I don’t have enemies. These are just people who have their own issues which they are projecting on me. It has nothing to do with me.

If it was bcz of a relationship that you wanted to kill, let me tell you as someone who has lost people who I loved who were wonderful to me, never done me any wrong, go buy kuku kienyeji cook me soup kind of man. Just wonderful and then death now who will you be mad at? Yourself? God? Them? You have to learn how to make sense of life and its tragedies. You can’t just go around killing people.

Anyway I thank God for giving me roho Safi. Even when I am really fed up and I am like fuck this shit, God just works on me and I forget, not even forgiving FORGETTING I will meet you and I won’t even remember what you did or that I was mad at you.

You know time wounds all heels, so you don’t have to be vindictive at people who hurt bcz eventually even they will suffer. They will fall ill. People they love will die. So just forget about them. I find it impossible to hate bcz it’s a waste of time and energy. How can you hate anyone when you have Jesus in your heart and the way Jesus is so wonderful? So beautiful? So kind? So caring and so loving? You have the best and then you are bothering I don’t know who is of no consequence, with nothing to offer you but annoyance? Come on. If Queen Elizabeth was your sweetheart would you still think about what your exe did to you? Well even better Jesus is your sweetheart. You should be the happiest person in the world.

Btw next time you feel like you hate someone listen to this song. You will end up laughing instead.

As callous as it may sound, a woman being killed is not such a big deal. Of course it’s wrong and the culprit should face the law. At the same time, Innocent men and women die everyday.Men and women have killed each other for centuries before we existed.
Women are not special. Right now on national news kuna dem anatafutwa na polisi kwa madai ya kuua bf wake.

This is sad. There were others involved including the suspect’s father.

The motive could be ritualistic killing as there was another body near the shallow grave.


Women are very special. That’s why in any evacuation even an old man won’t be evacuated before all women are evacuated. Also dangerous jobs are relegated to men bcz they are more disposable than women according to evolutionary biology.

85% of all murders are of men killing other men. How many times have you heard news about a man killing another man? 99% of crime and murder is by men. It’s very rare for women to kill.

This ritual killings are becoming too much in Nigeria.

You’re one classic dumb shit. All genders are special. Women are evacuated before men because they’re more vulnerable. Vulnerable is the word, not special.

haha :D:D:D:D:D

Eti women are very special. Kwani wewe ni mjinga kiasi gani

Mjinga ni wewe. Women are special. Very special. Extremely special. Ni vile tuu we are living in a fallen world but even then women are still top. I have given you an example which you can not dispute but since wewe ni muaji, wacha niachane na wewe usinifanyie vile Cain alifanyie Abel bcz he was special.

women are not any more special than everybody else…