What Factors Did China Have For Westerners' Industries To Be Setup In Such Large Numbers? Africa Is Next In Line

As living conditions improve in China, India and other similar countries, manufacturing will be exported to developing countries whose bulk is located on the African continent. China and India have been the world factory for a few decades now and their populations are about to demand for higher wages. So the only other place left where populations can be exploited for cheap labor is Subsahara Africa.

How can the current governors take advantage of these… And bring some manufacturers to their respective counties?

A good starting point will be by providing the necessary support to existing manufacturers, big and small, in acquiring various manufacturing standards in the world.
European, Asian and ISO standards, once businesses in .ke meets that, be assured European and American countries will gradually start shifting their manufacturing in .ke.
Best place to start, Aluminum processing. Aluminum is the 3rd most abundant element in the world, after oxygen and water. So, why not start processing it in accordance to international standards ?
Once as a country we achieve this standards, it means we can start manufacturing motor vehicles and Agricultural spare part locally, setting the stage for manufacturing revolution.


But can the said governors… Form small group committees… To hunt nd lure small manufacturers… Back to kenya…??..

Instead of waiting for them to come to. KE

Manufacturing goes hand in hand with energy and to be frank Subsahara is not energy sufficient yet. Tapping into Solar, Wind and Hydro can bridge this gap. All other factors of production are available.

You don’t need to go hunting anything, you improve on what you have, whatever you are processing, make sure the standards are reached.
Once the west knows your manufacturing is up to date, they’ll just come.

You can be energy sufficient, but if your products and processes don’t satisfy strict international standards, no one will be interested in your goods and services.
Industrial area manufacturing is still going on, we are processing horticultural products as we speak, so the energy is there.

We need atleast 20,000 MW to have serious manufacturing to go on. Currently we use 2800MW and that one is still excess. Eskom has an impressive 50,000MW but those ANC bastards wanaharibu iyo capacity with cable thefts and load shedding. Hata ile nuclear power plant is just meh. So the next government should ensure we hit atleast 5000MW ndio tuanze moss moss

Political stability pia ni crucial and that now gets into issues of governance, tax , corruption.

Corruption drives investors away so does bad tax laws

Nothing like what happened in China’s industrial revolution will be replicated in Africa. Most nations of the world signed a climate change pledge in Paris. Moving forward the goal is de-growth and de-industrialization in order to ‘save’ the Earth from inevitable decline and collapse.

We have been producing cheap labour here since wazungu came here

Wote ni wezi

Solar and wind are too expensive