What Exactly Plagues Shithole France?

Those ghaseers look for any excuse to riot. Yellow vests tulishawazoea. When Morroco earned a well-deserved spot in the world cup semis, their fans in France celebrated by rioting. When Morocco was beaten in the semis, their French fans rioted some more. A few days ago there were violent clashes after three Kurds got killed in a terrorist/racist attack. Sahii naskia over 600 cars were burned during New Year’s Eve riots. Apparently it’s an annual tradition to welcome the new year by torching as many vehicles as they can. It seems in France you can just walk out of your house any time you want and destroy things for whatever reason. The authorities don’t seem particularly concerned.

Can you imagine if we burned just 50 cars in our beloved bonobo republic? The western MSM would cover it with glee. They’d issue travel advisories and discuss our “insecurity” at length.

Remember these are the same assholes who sent their reporters to kisumu during the last general elections. They were quite disappointed when nothing “newsworthy” happened (i.e no breakdown in law and order). Ironically, they’ve been busy covering the Iranian protests 24/7. Useless cunts.


This is jihad, which is happening because bleeding heart liberals indulge in day-time fantasies, believing that “Islam is the religion of peace.” Whose brilliant idea was it to import millions of radicalized mujahideen because of “human rights?” Weak men create very hard times.


I love what is going on in france. If only all other european countries could be like that, which they will be anyway, the world would be a better place.

Islam will kill France then Germany and finally Europe.

You are wrong on that. European civilizations have strong and deep roots. No amount of Islam can destroy them.

Any society is destructible as long as the fabric of the society is torn apart

Hio ni laana ya our western Africa ancestors. You can loot our resources impoverish our descendants while you live in lavish lifestyle.
Bado hio ni kionjo multipolar world. Western world will see dust. Emerging world will push for host countries to develop their industry using their resources.

Rastafarian tuli curse the Babylon system,saa hii vituko ziko western countries.Bonobos in Africa despite our low status we’ve been enjoying political stability for almost a decade.No crazy warlords for along time.


Emmanuel Macron is a puppet of the WEF, death to his regime

The fabric that has long been torn apart in yurop.

Sigh, christians can be as dumb as a rock; this is insurance scam going on. Free cash for burning an over valued hunk of metal

Malaya ya kupenda ndume shenzi Sana Kama Bibi yako mwenye coomer imenjaa maplacenta na tweezers za nurses juu ya kuzaa Kama panya